In a landmark endeavour to ramp up Black political engagement, 100 Black Men of America, Inc., renowned as the largest African American-led mentoring organization in the nation, has ignited a bold campaign under the banner “Real Men Vote.” This initiative, coinciding with a strategically planned 14-city tour set to commence on April 1st in Cleveland, Ohio, aims to mobilize Black men around the vital act of voting, especially in anticipation of the pivotal 2024 Presidential election. With such a critical juncture in American politics on the horizon, marked by not only a Presidential showdown but also the contest for 435 seats in the House of Representatives and over 30 Senate positions, the urgency of this campaign cannot be overstated.

The campaign, articulated by Chairman Milton H. Jones Jr., underscores a comprehensive strategy to not just amplify voter registration amongst Black men and women but to also deepen their understanding of electoral issues. This initiative is reflective of 100 Black Men of America, Inc.’s broader commitment to fostering informed civic participation. With an impressive membership of over 4,000 individuals, all registered to vote, the organization’s pledge to steer their communities towards active engagement in the electoral process, underscores a significant mobilization effort.

Dr. Wes Bellamy, Chair of the Public Policy Committee, pointed out the unique position of Black men in the current political climate and the concerning trend of increasing misinformation aimed at this demographic. The “Real Men Vote” campaign, therefore, emerges not just as a rallying cry but as a necessary intervention to equip Black men with accurate information and a robust understanding of their collective voting power.

The multi-city tour, which promises rich discussions through town halls in each visited city, is reflective of an inclusive approach. Highlighting a spirit of collaboration, these events aim to foster a community-wide discourse on the significance of voting as a tool for empowerment. Notably, several events will see a joint hosting effort by the Coalition of 100 Black Women and 100 Black Men of America, Inc., signifying the intersectional effort essential to realize the goals of the campaign. Additional partnerships with organizations such as the Collective Education Fund and Black Voters Matter further attest to the campaign’s broad-based strategy intended to resonate with a diverse audience.

The selection of cities for the “Real Men Vote” tour, including Mobile, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Phoenix amongst others, strategically targets areas with significant Black populations and varied political landscapes. This choice highlights the campaign’s comprehensive approach to addressing national, state, and local electoral issues relevant to these communities.

Founded in New York City in 1963 and formally established as a national organization in 1986, 100 Black Men of America, Inc. has a venerable history of promoting education, health, economic empowerment, and mentorship among African American communities. With over 10,000 members today, the organization’s influence spans across the United States, directly impacting over 125,000 minority youth annually. The “Real Men Vote” campaign, therefore, is not just an extension of the organization’s commitment to societal upliftment but also a testament to their legacy of transformative community engagement.

As the “Real Men Vote” campaign lays down its roadmap across America, it heralds an era of heightened political consciousness and active participation amongst Black men. Amid the complexities of the modern electoral landscape, the campaign stands out as a beacon of hope, driving towards a future where every vote is not just counted but informed and empowered.