In a thrilling display of talent and athleticism, 14-year-old Jess Perlmutter has made headlines by securing third place at the prestigious Uninvited Invitational snowboarding competition held at Woodward Park City, Utah. Jess, who hails from Killington, Vermont, is part of the Monster Army, a team supported by Monster Energy aimed at fostering young athletic talent.

The Uninvited Invitational, spearheaded by celebrated Monster Energy team rider Jess Kimura, is an exclusive event that focuses on promoting and showcasing female snowboarders. This year’s event, which took place from April 11-13, saw a robust turnout with 70 women competing, making clear the growing enthusiasm and recognition for women in the sport.

Jess Perlmutter’s performance was nothing short of spectacular as she exhibited a combination of technical prowess and creativity in her runs. Some of the standout moves she executed included a 50-50 to 360 on the cannon rail, a backside 50-50 to 360 on the kink rail, a boardslide pretzel on the long rail, and a frontside boardslide 450 out. These impressive maneuvers not only wowed the spectators but also earned Jess a commendable third place, a prize of $7,000, and several accolades including the Subaru Rookie Award and a Standout Performance award.

Also shining at the event was 21-year-old Annika Morgan from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, another Monster Energy athlete. Morgan clinched the Best Trick award with a spectacular gap backside 270 to lipslide on the rail. Morgan, an Olympic snowboarder, has been a formidable competitor on the international stage, recently securing podium placements at major events like the LAAX Open and the Toyota U.S. Freeski & Snowboard Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain.

The Uninvited Invitational is part of a broader movement within the snowboarding community to provide more platforms for women athletes to showcase their skills. Events like these not only help in recognizing the immense talent these athletes bring but also play a crucial role in inspiring the next generation of female snowboarders.

Monster Energy, based in Corona, California, is known for its deep involvement in extreme sports and youth culture. Through sponsoring athletes, events, and offering a platform, Monster Energy continues to be a significant player in promoting snowboarding and various other sports, aligning with its ethos of authenticity and passion in the athletic and musical realms it supports.

As the 2024 snow sports season progresses, all eyes will be on these talented riders to see what they achieve next in their promising careers. For further details on the Monster Energy snowboard team and updates on their activities, fans can follow Monster Energy across multiple social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.