The B2B sales and marketing arena is increasingly competitive and complex, prompting organizations to continually innovate and refine their approaches. In a significant move aimed at bolstering its position in this demanding market, 6sense, a prominent platform known for revolutionizing B2B revenue creation, has announced the appointment of Andy Champion as its Senior Vice President of GTM (Go-To-Market) International. This strategic hire underscores the company’s commitment to accelerating its growth and enhancing its operational capabilities across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region.

Andy Champion comes to 6sense with a wealth of experience, gained from an expansive career spanning over three decades, including significant roles at renowned companies such as DocuSign and Oracle. His expertise in scaling organizations’ headcount and revenue has been well-documented and revered in the tech industry. At 6sense, Champion’s responsibilities will cover spearheading the EMEA GTM strategies and overseeing international expansion efforts, a critical role as the company seeks to cement its foothold on a global scale.

The importance of the EMEA market to 6sense’s business strategy cannot be understated. The region has exhibited a robust growth trajectory in B2B sales and marketing, particularly in the realm of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). ABM focuses on engaging specific high-value accounts rather than broad markets, using personalized campaigns tailored to individual account needs. The strategy has proven effective in the EMEA, evidenced by a growth rate exceeding 30 percent year-over-year, significantly outstripping many competitors.

6sense’s decision to relocate its EMEA headquarters to a larger office space in London further illustrates the company’s dedication to strengthening its presence and responsiveness in the region. This move likely aligns with the organization’s broader strategy to better serve and expand its customer base in critical international markets.

In addressing his new role, Champion highlighted the necessity of refining sales efficiency, acknowledging the evolved landscape of modern B2B engagements that demand innovative approaches over traditional tactics. His enthusiasm for navigating this transformative period at 6sense – aiming to assist customers in overcoming predominant business challenges – is a promising sign for the company’s ambitious plans.

6sense’s platform, known for its predictive capabilities in customer buying behaviors and actionable engagement strategies, continues to play a pivotal role in how B2B organizations generate revenue. By predicting potential buyers and suggesting optimal engagement strategies, 6sense helps companies enhance key metrics such as contract value, win rates, and deal closure times.

As the landscape of B2B sales and marketing grows increasingly intricate, the input and influence of seasoned experts like Andy Champion could be critical. Champion’s leadership and strategic insights will be pivotal as 6sense navigates this complex market, seeking to expand its reach and efficacy in EMEA and beyond. This appointment not only highlights his proven expertise and potential impact on the company’s progress but also signals 6sense’s robust commitment to harnessing expert talent to fulfill ambitious international growth and development objectives.