In a significant move signaling further expansion and innovation, 6sense, a trailblazing company at the forefront of B2B sales and marketing intelligence, has announced the appointment of Jerome Levadoux as its first-ever Chief Product Officer. Levadoux, a seasoned executive with a storied career spanning over two decades in technology and leadership, is set to spearhead 6sense’s global product strategy, steering the company into new products and verticals.

Levadoux’s rich background includes pivotal roles at some of the tech industry’s most revered giants. He transitions to 6sense following a transformative tenure at DocuSign, where, as Chief Product Officer, he was instrumental in catapulting the eSignature business from a substantial $250 million to a formidable $2.5 billion in revenue. His vitae also boasts senior positions at SAP, Oracle, and HP, underscoring a consistent trajectory of driving growth and innovation. With an impressive academic portfolio, Levadoux holds graduate degrees in engineering from UC Berkeley and Ecole Centrale Paris, along with an MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School.

This strategic recruitment is a testament to 6sense’s ambitious vision for the future. With Levadoux at the helm of product development and strategy, the company is poised to bolster its reputation as a leader in leveraging artificial intelligence to transform how B2B organizations predict buying behaviors and engage with potential buyers.

Viral Bajaria, CTO of 6sense, lauded Levadoux’s appointment, emphasizing the pivotal role he will play in the company’s next growth and development phase. Bajaria’s anticipation of a collaborative partnership with Levadoux reflects a shared commitment to enhancing 6sense’s product offerings and further revolutionizing the B2B sales and marketing landscape.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the new role, Levadoux shared his admiration for 6sense’s achievements, its driven culture, and its dedication to fostering innovation. He underlined his eagerness to build upon the company’s momentum, driving forward solutions with tangible impacts through artificial intelligence.

Founded with the mission to redefine how B2B organizations create revenue by predicting customers most likely to buy, 6sense has already made notable strides in sales and marketing intelligence. Its proprietary Revenue AI platform stands out as the only sales and marketing solution enabling the creation, management, and conversion of high-quality pipeline to revenue. The platform’s track record speaks volumes, with customers reporting substantial increases in average contract value, win rates, and a marked reduction in time to close deals.

The enlistment of Jerome Levadoux heralds an exciting chapter for 6sense, promising not only to amplify its product innovation capabilities but also to solidify its stature as a global authority in sales and marketing intelligence for B2B organizations. As the company continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in predicting and engaging with anonymous buying teams, the industry eagerly anticipates the innovative strides that will emerge from this strategic leadership enhancement.