In a significant stride forward for B2B marketing and sales intelligence, 6sense has been acknowledged as a Strong Performer in the realm of Marketing and Sales Data Providers for B2B, as per the latest evaluation by the esteemed independent research firm, Forrester. This commendation in The Forrester Wave™ report for Q1 2024 underscores 6sense’s rapid ascendance in providing cutting-edge solutions that effectively bridge the gap between marketing strategies and revenue generation.

The recognition arrives merely six months following the launch of 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales, a pioneering platform designed to harmonize marketing and sales endeavors. By offering critical account intelligence and insights directly into the tools utilized by sales teams daily, Revenue AI™ for Sales has been instrumental in enabling sellers to engage with their ideal customer profiles throughout the purchaser’s journey.

In its thorough analysis, Forrester evaluated 14 service providers, with 6sense standing out, notably achieving the highest possible score in five pivotal criteria. These include Technographic Data, Specialized Account Data, Behavioral/Intent Data, Data Matching and Enrichment, and Roadmap, portraying 6sense’s robust capabilities in providing refined and comprehensive data solutions to B2B companies.

Forrester’s report also admired 6sense for its evolution from an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) background to becoming a comprehensive source of marketing and sales data through substantial data investment and strategic acquisitions. The evaluation highlighted 6sense’s strengths in offering exceptional intent and technographic data, robust enrichment capabilities, and rich specialized account data encompassing psychographic and predictive elements. The report further commended the foreseeable enhancements in 6sense’s data roadmap, deeming it “extensive and achievable.”

Companies seeking a comprehensive ABM and sales prospecting platform have been recommended to consider 6sense, especially given its high marks for delivering detailed account data and exceptional customer service experiences. Customer testimonials, including that from 6sense user Tipalti, have praised the platform for significantly boosting their opportunity creation, pipeline, and aligning the wider revenue team’s efforts.

6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales, launched in March 2023, targets the critical need for marketing and sales alignment, a perennial challenge many B2B organizations face. Through the provision of up-to-the-minute account intelligence and intent data, along with recommendations on ideal customer engagement, the platform is built to enhance prospecting effectiveness and help sales teams establish meaningful connections. Notably, Tipalti’s experience of a 57% increase in created opportunities and an additional $635k in pipeline since implementing 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales underscores the tangible benefits of 6sense’s innovative approach.

This recognition from Forrester follows 6sense’s earlier distinction as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers report for Q2 2023, fortifying its position as a pivotal player in the sales and marketing intelligence landscape. 6sense’s continuous product enhancements, combined with its ambitious data roadmap, herald a promising future for the provider and its clientele, striving towards unprecedented alignment and efficiency in B2B marketing and sales processes.

For organizations in pursuit of optimizing their sales and marketing strategies, tools such as 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales represent a vital step forward. As companies navigate the complex buying landscapes of today’s B2B markets, platforms like 6sense not only offer a competitive edge but also pave the way towards more insightful, data-driven, and successful marketing and sales operations.