In a major move aimed at enhancing data security and governance in artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, Acante, a pioneer in data security and access governance solutions, has partnered with Databricks, a leading AI and data company. This collaboration is set to provide enterprises with advanced tools to accelerate AI, model building, and data analytics initiatives while ensuring adherence to security, compliance, and privacy mandates.

Acante’s integration with Databricks’ Unity Catalog will empower customers to manage the growing complexities and security demands tied to their data initiatives. Unity Catalog, as part of Databricks’ offerings, serves as a centralized repository enabling effective data governance. By leveraging Acante’s Data Security Intelligence Platform, businesses can gain significant data security observability and automate access controls which are crucial for securing data ecosystems.

With most enterprises today integrating data from more than 50 various sources, as identified by a report from Enterprise Storage Group (ESG), the challenges surrounding data security and privacy are escalating. Approximately 46 percent of organizations cite security concerns as the primary barrier when building a modern data platform. The combination of Databricks’ and Acante’s technologies addresses these challenges head-on, providing a streamlined pathway to robust data governance without sacrificing operational efficiency.

The significance of this partnership lies in its capacity to simplify and expedite the deployment of governance frameworks across data stacks utilized by organizations. For example, Earnin, a leading financial services vendor and user of both Databricks and Acante technologies, highlights the critical nature of implementing stringent access governance around user operations to safeguard their data models and shares. According to Manish Amde, VP of Data & AI at Earnin, Acante’s solutions not only align with their security vision but also enhance the productivity of their data teams.

As organizations continue to rely on data as the primary fuel for AI and analytics, the need for effective data governance frameworks grows. Abhishek Das, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Acante, emphasized that the seamless integration with Databricks’ Unity Catalog is pivotal in removing barriers that typically hinder the efficient distribution of data to the right stakeholders at the right time.

The deployment of the Acante integration is designed to be user-friendly and quick, offering immediate insights into data risks across platforms. This partnership is expected to set a new standard in how organizations approach data security and governance, ensuring that data access is both secure and compliant with prevailing regulations.

This strategic partnership marks an essential advancement in the field of data management for AI, providing enterprises with the confidence and tools necessary to safely and effectively navigate the complexities of modern data environments. The collaboration not only illustrates an innovative approach to tackling key industry challenges but also underscores the continuous evolution of data governance technologies in supporting scalable and secure AI and analytic operations.