Pioneering Partnership Propels Advanced AI Computing into the Future

In an unprecedented move that underscores the fast-paced evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) and the need for innovative data processing infrastructures, Austin-based tech company Accelsius has entered into a strategic alliance with the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at The University of Texas at Austin. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way we approach computing and cooling technologies in the realm of advanced AI research and development.

Accelsius, known for its cutting-edge cooling solutions, brings to the table its patented NeuCool platform, a two-phase, direct-to-chip liquid cooling system designed to address the intense thermal management needs of high-compute GPU and CPU server racks, particularly those exceeding traditional capacity. In an era where server density and computational potency are paramount, the Accelsius solution represents a significant leap forward in sustainable, efficient cooling technologies.

TACC, a beacon of supercomputing excellence, will be the testing ground for this pioneering cooling technology through its new Vista supercomputer. Vista stands on the cusp of supercomputing advancement, equipped with NVIDIA GH100 Grace Hopper Superchips that boast Thermal Design Power (TDP) ratings over 1000 watts. This staggering figure exceeds the cooling capabilities of conventional air and liquid systems, thus necessitating Accelsius’ advanced solution to ensure reliable, efficient operation.

The significance of this partnership cannot be overstated. Both Accelsius and TACC hail from Austin, Texas, making this collaboration not only a local but a global milestone in the march towards next-generation AI computing. By combining TACC’s high-wattage chip expertise with Accelsius’ revolutionary cooling methodology, this alliance is uniquely positioned to tackle the thermal challenges that come hand-in-hand with progressing AI and high-performance computing (HPC) technologies.

Josh Claman, CEO of Accelsius, expressed enthusiasm about partnering with TACC, highlighting the opportunity to deploy the NeuCool system in a setting already familiar with immersion and single-phase, direct-to-chip technologies. This arrangement promises an invaluable comparison and testament to the potential of Accelsius’ cooling technology.

From TACC’s perspective, executive director Dan Stanzione expressed excitement about incorporating these new cooling innovations into the Vista project. This endeavor aims not only to advance AI and HPC technologies but also to meet the evolving needs of clients grappling with the demands of high-wattage chips, thereby staking a claim on the future of supercomputing.

This partnership also marks the commencement of Accelsius’ Kickstart program, which offers data center operators the chance to test and evaluate the NeuCool system within their own facilities. This initiative is designed to ease the transition from air to liquid cooling, enabling higher server density per rack, boosted compute performance, and enhanced sustainability through reduced electricity and water usage.

As the world stands on the brink of a new era in AI and supercomputing, the collaborative venture between Accelsius and TACC represents a bold step forward. It’s an affirmation of the critical nature of innovative cooling solutions in sustaining the rapid pace of advancements in computing technology. With this partnership, the future of AI computing looks cooler and more promising than ever.