In a significant move that signals a deepening investment in technological innovation within the construction and real estate finance sector, Built, a prominent software provider known for pioneering a platform that significantly streamlines real estate transactions, has announced the addition of Pat Poels to its leadership team. Effective immediately, Poels will take on the role of Senior Vice President of Engineering, bringing with him a wealth of experience from the technology sector, with particular emphasis on Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.

Pat Poels is no stranger to the tech world. His illustrious career has seen him hold key positions at some of the most innovative companies in the industry. Most recently, Poels contributed his expertise to Snyk, a security platform that champions secure application development. During his tenure, he was instrumental in supporting the security initiatives of over 2,500 global customers, a list that includes heavyweights like Google and Salesforce. However, his influence extends far beyond Snyk. Poels also played a pivotal role at Eventbrite as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), where he was at the forefront of developing reliable platforms and overseeing global engineering functions. His leadership not only facilitated Eventbrite’s periods of rapid growth but also contributed significantly to its successful Initial Public Offering (IPO).

As Poels steps into his new role at Built, based out of the company’s headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee, his mission is clear: to set engineering priorities, drive innovation, ensure product quality, and leverage his leadership to deliver solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the built environment, including lenders, owners, developers, and general contractors.

Chase Gilbert, CEO of Built, expressed enthusiasm over Poels’ appointment, noting his extensive background in both consumer and enterprise SaaS as a foundational element for Built’s next phase of innovation. The company, under Poels’ guidance, aims to broaden its platform to encapsulate more comprehensive solutions for its users, from owners to contractors, and to introduce advanced solutions for lenders. Gilbert’s confidence in Poels’ ability to transform ideas into value-driven, tangible solutions highlights the strategic importance of this appointment.

Poels himself acknowledges the unique opportunity and challenges that come with his new role. The construction and real estate industry is ripe for technological transformation, and Built, with its commitment to redefining how business is done in this space, stands at the forefront of this change. Poels is particularly drawn to Built’s emphasis on enhancing customer success and its vision for making a tangible impact on the projects that shape our living and working environments.

Built’s platform is already a powerhouse in the U.S., being employed by nearly half of the top 100 construction lenders and facilitating the management of a quarter of a trillion in real estate dollars. This represents an approximate 10% of all U.S. construction spending, making it clear that Built is not just a participant in the market; it is a significant influencer of how the construction and real estate finance sector operates.

The appointment of Pat Poels is a testament to Built’s ambitious vision for the future—a future defined by enhanced efficiency, increased collaboration, and revolutionary technological solutions that promise to reshape the landscape of construction and real estate finance industry for the better.