In a significant move geared towards enhancing cybersecurity risk management, Coalition, the pioneering Active Insurance provider, has announced new integrations of its cyber risk management platform, Coalition Control, with leading cloud services including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Amazon Web Services. This development is set to provide businesses with unprecedented visibility into their digital risk landscapes, thereby fostering a more secure digital environment.

Coalition’s latest initiative allows businesses that leverage its Coalition Control platform to connect seamlessly with these top-tier cloud services. The integrations aim to grant companies a holistic view of both their internal risk postures and external attack surfaces through the amalgamation of additional data insights. These insights can crucially help in managing and mitigating digital vulnerabilities such as unauthorized accesses and security misconfigurations frequently found in cloud applications.

One of the key functionalities highlighted by Coalition is the ability for businesses to ensure the implementation of multi-factor authentication (MFA). Coalition recognizes MFA as a robust security measure highly effective in curtailing the adverse effects of cyber incidents.

John Roberts, General Manager of Security at Coalition, emphasized the significance of the integrations. “This is a pivotal moment for businesses using Control, as we increase visibility into their overall risk posture and simplify some of the more complicated aspects of cyber risk management,” he stated. This enhancement is a step forward in mitigating the complexities surrounding cybersecurity, which many companies grapple with, particularly in understanding and implementing cloud security controls.

The need for advanced cybersecurity measures has never been more pressing. In today’s digital age, cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making it essential for businesses to have robust systems in place to protect sensitive information and maintain operational integrity. Coalition’s proactive approach in merging comprehensive insurance coverage with cutting-edge cybersecurity tools provides a dual benefit to businesses, helping to manage and mitigate potential cyber threats before they escalate into more severe incidents.

This strategic integration is not mandatory but is available for businesses seeking to maximize their cybersecurity defenses using Coalition Control. Businesses interested in leveraging this enhancement can voluntarily connect their cloud service accounts to obtain additional insights and fortify their cyber protections.

Coalition continues to redefine the contours of cyber insurance by incorporating active risk prevention strategies into its offerings. By conducting continuous monitoring and leveraging learnings from thousands of managed cyber incidents, Coalition’s Security Team has significant expertise in identifying and addressing common cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The firm’s innovative approach combines insurance and proactive cybersecurity to create a protective ecosystem for businesses against digital threats.

Businesses operating in the increasingly complex cyber landscape will find Coalition’s new integrations a valuable addition to their cybersecurity strategies. By offering a more comprehensive view of cyber risks and simplifying the management of cloud-based digital infrastructures, Coalition aims to empower businesses to not only react to cyber threats but anticipate and mitigate them efficiently.

For further information and to enable these integrations, policyholders and interested businesses can visit Coalition’s dedicated platform at Coalition Control.