Crescent Point at Niantic, a prominent assisted living and memory care community in Connecticut, has once again been honored as one of the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. This recognition marks the third consecutive year that Crescent Point has achieved this prestigious status in the U.S. News annual Best Senior Living ratings. The distinction first came in 2022 and now continues to underscore the community’s commitment to excellence in senior care.

Located in the scenic region of Southeastern Connecticut, Crescent Point at Niantic is celebrated for providing exceptional memory care services. It stands out as the sole senior living community in the area to have garnered such acclaim. The facility offers a broad spectrum of care levels, including independent and assisted living, along with specialized programs designed for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The award highlights the significant role of resident and family member feedback, which was instrumental in securing Crescent Point at Niantic’s top rating. According to surveys, the community excels across various critical facets like overall value, management, staff competence, resident engagement, food and dining quality, safety, transportation, maintenance, housekeeping, and location — all crucial markers of a top-tier senior living facility.

Jessica Colangelo, the Executive Director at Crescent Point, expressed her delight over this achievement. She emphasized the staff’s dedication to treating residents as they would their own family members, a principle that clearly resonates well beyond the community’s boundaries to industry leaders like U.S. News.

This accolade forms part of a broader success story for Benchmark Senior Living, the largest senior living provider in New England, which operates Crescent Point at Niantic. In 2024, Benchmark communities collectively received 62 U.S. News awards — the highest in the history of their participation. These acknowledgments not only celebrate the individual achievements of communities like Crescent Point but also highlight Benchmark’s overarching mission of transforming lives through human connection.

For more than three decades, U.S. News has been a beacon for Americans navigating significant life decisions, from choosing colleges to selecting senior living environments. Their comprehensive evaluations help ensure families have access to reliable, unbiased information on which to base these important choices.

Crescent Point’s innovative Mind & Memory Care program, supported by round-the-clock care from specially trained staff, offers an enriching, secure environment for residents with memory impairments. Facilities are designed with intentional cues and amenities that promote familiarity and comfort to enhance the well-being of residents.

The consistent recognition from U.S. News as a leading facility for memory care excellence is not only a testament to Crescent Point’s high standards but also reflects the shifting dynamics in senior care — where quality, compassion, and innovation intersect to redefine the experiences of aging individuals. This accolade ensures that they remain a beacon of excellence in a rapidly growing field, which increasingly relies on specialized care and tailored living environments to meet the complex needs of the aging population.