In a significant development in the catering and delivery industry, DeliverThat, a leading company in catering delivery and setup, has announced an integration with Cartwheel, a robust delivery management platform. This collaboration is poised to redefine the landscape of catering deliveries, offering businesses enhanced flexibility and control over their delivery operations.

DeliverThat, which boasts a network of 25,000 active drivers and has managed approximately $400 million in catering delivery, brings its logistical prowess to a partnership that allows merchants using Cartwheel to select from a high-quality fleet for their catering needs. This integration facilitates merchants in incorporating DeliverThat’s services into their existing operations through Cartwheel’s software, which specializes in managing hybrid off-premises strategies.

The merger of these two entities comes at a time when the demand for efficient and reliable catering delivery services is on the rise. Businesses are increasingly looking for solutions that not only streamline operation but also enhance the customer experience. DeliverThat’s Chief Technology Officer, Matt Benzel, emphasized that the integration with Cartwheel’s new DSP API is a strategic move to consolidate DeliverThat’s position as a top catering delivery DSP option for mutual merchant customers.

Cartwheel, originally a Los Angeles-based delivery restaurant started in 2012, has evolved into a leading name in delivery outsourcing. The platform is integral to operations of top restaurant chains including Portillo’s, P.F. Chang’s, and Potbelly, among others. Cartwheel’s CEO, Alex Vasilkin, voiced enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting how integrating with DeliverThat will empower brands to offer more robust delivery options, thus ensuring superior service quality and customer satisfaction.

The integration represents a fusion of strengths from two market leaders. DeliverThat’s dedicated model of flat-rate delivery and 24/7 customer support, combined with Cartwheel’s expansive software capabilities, presents a formidable force in the catering delivery domain. It promises an all-encompassing solution for clients, allowing them not just logistical support but also an enhanced capability to manage and improve the overall catering experience for their customers.

Such advancements in catering and delivery services are critical in today’s fast-paced market, where efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction dictate business success. As companies navigate the complexities of in-house and third-party delivery options, integrating systems like those of DeliverThat and Cartwheel will likely become more prevalent, ultimately benefiting a wide array of stakeholders from business owners to end consumers.

This partnership not only marks a significant step forward in terms of operational efficiency but also in customer experience, paving the way for other players in the industry to follow suit in leveraging technology to better serve their clients.