DJI, a company renowned globally for its drones and camera technology, has once again affirmed its position as an industry leader by clinching nine prestigious awards at the NAB Show 2024. Held in Las Vegas, this significant event in the film and broadcasting industry is known for showcasing groundbreaking technology and attracts a global audience of professionals.

Among the celebrated products, the DJI Mavic 3 Pro, a flagship drone equipped with a triple camera system, was honoured with a Product of the Year Award. This drone is designed to enhance the creative capabilities of videographers with features like a 43-minute maximum flight time, Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing, and a 15km HD Video Transmission.

Another highlight from DJI’s innovative range, the Osmo Pocket 3, also received a Product of the Year Award. This device leads the portable camera technology sector with its upgraded one-inch sensor and a three-axis physical mechanical gimbal, ensuring outstanding image quality and stability, particularly in low-light conditions.

The DJI RS 4 Pro, standing at the pinnacle of DJI’s stabilizer offerings, and the DJI Focus Pro, an independent AMF lens control system, were awarded the Videomaker Best in Show Awards in their respective categories. These products are part of DJI’s PRO ecosystem, which integrates various advanced features enhancing the flexibility and efficiency for videographers and cinematographers alike.

Furthermore, the DJI Focus Pro was recognized across several platforms, including CineD, TV Tech, and ProductionHub, demonstrating its significant impact on the industry with its innovative modular design adaptable to various shooting needs.

Additionally, the DJI Mic 2, an audio technology marvel designed for optimal vocal clarity and equipped with intelligent noise-canceling, earned acclaim for its ability to deliver professional, crystal-clear audio recording capabilities on the go.

Christina Zhang, DJI’s Senior Director of Corporate Strategy and Communication, expressed pride in these recognitions, remarking that they reflect the company’s “continued commitment to innovation and passion for creating solutions that enable creators to execute their visions.”

DJI, established in 2006, has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology. From revolutionizing aerial photography with their drones to expanding into sectors like agriculture, public safety, surveying, and infrastructure inspection, DJI has played a crucial role in transformative advances that add significant value across various industries.

The NAB Show, as a premier marketplace for cutting-edge technology that supports superior audio and video experiences, is a fitting platform for DJI’s latest accolades, highlighting the company’s ongoing drive towards enhancing human creativity and efficiency through technology. For more about DJI’s range of products, visit their website at