In a groundbreaking move towards promoting sustainable technology practices, Alchemy, a Dublin-based circular tech company, has forged a partnership with Greenly, a carbon-accounting platform, to become the first device refurbisher that can officially quantify and certify the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) savings of each device it refurbishes and sells. This innovative collaboration marks a significant step forward in the technology sector’s efforts to address the urgent global challenge of climate change.

The technology industry, notorious for its hefty carbon footprint due to the production, transportation, and disposal of devices, is now being called upon to adopt more sustainable practices. Alchemy’s initiative with Greenly responds to this call by offering businesses a tangible way to understand and reduce their environmental impact.

Greenly’s comprehensive analysis of Alchemy’s refurbishment processes provides an unprecedented level of transparency in the tech industry. By examining every stage from logistics and processing to repair and distribution, as well as the CO2e of raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, and end-of-life emissions of each device, Greenly enables Alchemy to certify the CO2e savings. This certification is vital for businesses aiming to accurately report on sustainability metrics and make informed choices about their tech investments in alignment with Net Zero objectives.

Stephen Wise, Global Marketing Director, Circular Economy, at Alchemy, emphasized the importance of reducing emissions in the transition towards sustainable business operations. He pointed out that opting for refurbished IT devices can avoid an average of 76.05kg of CO2 emissions per device, highlighting the significant environmental benefits of choosing refurbished technology. Wise’s comments underscore the potential of refurbished tech to play a critical role in reducing a company’s CO2 impact, especially for businesses with considerable Scope 3 emissions.

This partnership not only allows businesses to purchase models based on their sustainability credentials but also bolsters their strategies to meet Net Zero targets by integrating both environmental and financial considerations. The ability to measure potential savings against sustainability goals equips businesses with the tools they need to make a positive impact.

Alchemy’s journey from a start-up to generating $442 million in annual revenue within five years, while refurbishing over 5 million devices and avoiding 342,200 tonnes of CO2e, is a testament to the feasibility of combining economic success with environmental stewardship. The company’s ranking in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 and the FT1000 list further highlights its achievements and growth in the tech industry.

This partnership between Alchemy and Greenly sets a new standard for the tech industry, proving that it is possible to achieve commercial success while making a positive impact on the planet. As businesses worldwide strive to meet their Net Zero goals, initiatives like this provide a clear path forward, demonstrating the pivotal role of refurbished technology in shaping a sustainable future.