In an innovative move that promises to reshape the viewing habits of millions, Edgio has joined forces with the Brazilian broadcasting giant, BandNews TV, through its Newco Pay TV subsidiary. This collaboration is set to significantly enhance the Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) market in Brazil, a sector witnessing rapid growth and increasing viewer demand.

BandNews TV, a key player in Brazil’s media landscape since its inception on March 19, 2001, has been at the forefront of round-the-clock news coverage. The channel not only caters to a broad spectrum of audiences with its diverse content ranging from politics and sports to gastronomy and market analysis, but also continuously innovates to meet the dynamic interests of its viewers.

The partnership is anchored on the deployment of Edgio’s dynamic Uplynk solution. Uplynk simplifies video streaming, allowing broadcasters like Newco to efficiently manage content delivery across multiple platforms. According to Eric Black, CTO and GM of Media at Edgio, this collaboration is especially strategic given the projected growth of the FAST market, anticipated to nearly triple by 2027 – particularly outside of the United States where such markets are still burgeoning.

To facilitate this expansion, Edgio and Newco have introduced “New Brasil,” a channel initially launched in Lisbon on April 24, 2023, and now set to captivate Brazilian audiences via Pluto TV. The platform first began operations in Brazil in 2020 and has become a key player in the dissemination of free streaming content. The strategy includes future plans to extend distribution across additional platforms and geographic markets.

The technology and reach provided by YouCast!, a premier Brazilian technology and service provider, are instrumental to this venture. Specializing in video platform integration, YouCast! brings its significant technical acumen to ensure a seamless viewing experience that attracts more broadcasters and expands outreach efforts effectively.

This partnership reflects a broader global trend towards cutting-edge streaming solutions and the increasingly localized content strategies by international firms to meet specific market demands. Brazil, with its diverse and vast audience base, represents a significant opportunity for such tailored media initiatives.

Newco Pay TV and BandNews TV’s historical commitment to “always-on” information reflects the evolving nature of global media consumption, where digital adaptation and content availability are paramount. This alliance signifies a step forward in creating more engaged and informed communities through accessible and quality content, leveraging technology to meet the fast-paced demands of today’s consumers.

The ambition of Edgio and its associates to push the boundaries of traditional broadcasting and adapt to the digital demands of modern viewers illustrates a committed shift towards more agile, responsive, and audience-focused media landscapes. With such technological and strategic enhancements, the viewership experience in Brazil is poised for a transformation, bringing with it a new era of information consumption. This initiative not only highlights the myriad possibilities within the FAST market but also emphasizes the strategic forethought involved in modern media collaborations.