In a innovative move set to significantly influence the landscape of the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry, Engage PEO has enlisted artificial intelligence to amplify its workers’ compensation underwriting processes. By adopting Gradient AI’s advanced Underwriting Solution, the company is not only expanding the horizons of its risk analysis capabilities but also streamlining operations and boosting profitability, which bodes well for its ambitious expansion strategies.

Engage PEO, a stalwart in providing HR outsourcing solutions for small and mid-sized businesses across the United States, has seen remarkable growth of late. This scale-up has manifested in the form of vigourous mergers and acquisitions—completing five in recent years—coupled with the launch of three dynamic operational centres and marked by a surge in client base and worksite employees.

Facing this accelerated growth, Engage PEO has turned to Gradient AI’s state-of-the-art technology to keep up with the pace. By leveraging AI-driven predictive analytics and access to comprehensive industry datasets, the company is now equipped to undertake more nuanced and expansive risk assessments. Such capability has not only broadened their risk appetite but also furnished deeper insights as they venture into new markets and diversify client portfolios.

Julie Cirillo, Chief Risk Officer at Engage PEO, underscored the pivotal role that Gradient AI has played in enriching their Workers’ Compensation program. She disclosed how AI integration has translated into embracing higher risks previously sidestepped, optimizing market reach, and elevating profitability margins. She further added, “Gradient AI has significantly streamlined our underwriting process, reducing evaluations from hours to minutes.”

In an industry fraught with talent shortages, Engage PEO is ingeniously employing Gradient AI’s tools to bridge institutional knowledge gaps. The technology aids in the training and quick onboarding of underwriters, equipping them with immediate and accurate risk prediction knowledge.

The solution’s potency was particularly evident during the critical sales and renewal season stretching from October to January, traditionally a labor-intensive period for the company. Cirillo shared her personal relief during the last Christmas season, attributing the seamless operation directly to Gradient AI’s integration.

Moreover, Gradient AI’s solutions extend beyond everyday underwriting tasks. It plays a significant role in Engage PEO’s mergers and acquisitions, facilitating swift and precise evaluations of both company portfolios and individual client risks, essential to maintaining profitability during transitions.

Stan Smith, founder and CEO of Gradient AI, remarked on the transformative impact of their solutions, expressing confidence in Engage PEO’s future industry standing bolstered by advanced AI capabilities.

Gradient AI represents the pinnacle of artificial intelligence application in insurance, delivering a technological edge via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform unparalleled in scale and scope. With data spanning millions of policies and claims and enriched with multifaceted variables like economic, health, geographic, and demographic insights, Gradient AI stands as a beacon of innovation in insurance tech.

This strategic partnership signals Engage PEO’s intent not just to keep pace with evolving market demands but to redefine efficiency and effectiveness benchmarks in the PEO sector. As the adoption of artificial intelligence continues to reshape industries, Engage PEO’s latest manoeuvre could well set the precedent for the future of HR outsourcing and risk management practices, paving the way for a more data-driven and informed approach.