In a significant move that underscores the rapidly growing importance of cybersecurity worldwide, eSentire, Inc., a globally recognized leader in Managed Detection and Response (MDR), has inaugurated a new Technology Innovation Center in Bengaluru, India. This strategic expansion is designed to harness India’s rich pool of engineering talent, particularly in areas critical to the future of cybersecurity such as cloud security, generative AI, and low-code orchestration and automation.

The Bengaluru Innovation Center marks a pivotal step for eSentire in enhancing the capabilities of its Atlas XDR Cloud Platform. The platform is integral to the company’s offering, providing a comprehensive solution for detecting, investigating, and responding to cybersecurity threats across a wide array of data sources including network, endpoint, log, cloud, and identity.

eSentire’s choice of location for its new innovation hub is no coincidence. India has emerged as a thriving ecosystem of technology and cybersecurity talent. This move will enable the company to fully leverage this talent to augment the development of its Atlas XDR Cloud Platform, ensuring it stays at the forefront of the MDR service industry. Spearheaded by Dustin Hillard, eSentire’s Chief Technology Officer, and Raghunath Konda, VP of Engineering, the Bengaluru center has already begun its operations with the hiring of 50 top-notch India-based software engineers.

The significance of eSentire’s expansion into India cannot be overstated. The company’s Atlas XDR Cloud Platform is credited with having processed, captured, and correlated the investigations and threat hunting activities of over 200 security experts for more than a decade. This has contributed to creating what is possibly the world’s largest expert investigation and response dataset. The platform’s unique ability to learn from human actions and amplify every positive Security Operations Center (SOC) investigation with a network effect plays a critical role in protecting customers from emerging cybersecurity threats.

eSentire’s impeccable reputation as an industry leader in MDR and Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) has been further solidified by its recent recognitions. These include being identified as one of the top 3 MDR Providers in Europe in The Forrester Wave™ report, and securing the title of Overall Leader for Managed Detection and Response in KuppingerCole’s July 2023 Worldwide Leadership Compass Report.

The opening of the Technology Innovation Center in Bengaluru is also part of eSentire’s broader strategy of global expansion, which includes extending its services across the Middle East. This reflects the company’s commitment not only to fostering local talent but also to delivering regionally compliant, around-the-clock Managed Detection and Response cybersecurity services. eSentire’s move has been well-received by its clientele, with Ramakrishnan Natarajan, Head of IT at Emirates Hospitals Group, lauding the company’s commitment to innovation and quality.

The launch of eSentire’s new center in Bengaluru holds promise for both India and the global cybersecurity landscape. It signals a noteworthy investment in the region’s technological expertise and sets the stage for significant advancements in the fight against cyber threats. As cyberattacks grow more sophisticated, initiatives like eSentire’s Tech Innovation Center play a crucial role in developing the next generation of cybersecurity solutions.