As the United States ramps up for the 2024 Presidential election, a significant evolution in how election coverage is delivered and consumed appears forthcoming. FiscalNote Holdings, Inc., a recognized leader in AI-driven enterprise SaaS technology for global policy and market intelligence, is pioneering this change with an exciting expansion and modernization of its election coverage strategies.

FiscalNote announced that its esteemed Roll Call, the journal of record for Capitol Hill known for its top-tier political journalism, will now integrate data from, an AI database renowned for its comprehensive collection of Presidential speeches, posts, and schedules. This merger marks a decisive move towards harnessing AI capabilities to provide nuanced, data-driven insights into U.S. politics.

The integration is not just about amalgamating databases but leveraging sophisticated AI tools to enhance the quality and depth of election reportage. One of the standout innovations is FiscalNote’s recently launched StressLens technology. StressLens is designed to delve into the human elements of communication by analyzing real-time changes in tone, cadence, and even physical movements of the speakers. This technology could transform how campaign communications and speeches are interpreted, providing insights beyond traditional content analysis.

With the incorporation of StressLens into Roll Call’s enriched platform, journalists, analysts, and the public will gain access to a unique layer of AI-driven analysis for statements made by prominent Presidential contenders such as Joe Biden and Donald Trump. As these candidates articulate their visions and policies, their every word, tone shift, and facial expression will be under scrutiny through an AI lens, promising to expose subtleties that might miss the human eye.

This technological enhancement comes at a critical time. The U.S. presidential elections have always been a focal point of global attention, scrutinized for pointers on future policy directions not only domestically within the United States but also in international arenas. The implications of these elections stretch far beyond U.S. borders, affecting global markets, international relations, and geopolitical strategies.

The combination of Roll Call’s longstanding journalistic credibility and the cutting-edge AI capabilities of and StressLens sets a new standard in political journalism. It ensures that the electorate is better informed with not just raw data but with context and analysis that digs deeper into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind a candidate’s statements.

FiscalNote’s approach exemplifies how modern journalism can be enhanced by technology to meet the demands of an increasingly complex world. As noted by Josh Resnik, President & COO of FiscalNote, this initiative reflects FiscalNote’s decade-long leadership in AI and its dedication to bringing innovative, insightful tools to the realm of policy intelligence.

This move is likely to influence how electoral campaigns are conducted and covered in the future, pushing candidates and campaign teams to be more mindful of the nuances of their communication, knowing that AI tools are parsing not just their words but the underlying sentiments and intentions.

As the nation prepares for one of its most consequential elections, the transformation in how we interact with and understand campaign communications could not be timelier. The electorate’s ability to access this level of detailed analysis could potentially lead to a more informed and engaged voter base, contributing to the democratic process in profound new ways.