On the 30th of April, the Recording Academy is set to host the much-anticipated GRAMMYs on the Hill® Awards in Washington, D.C. This prestigious event, intended to bridge the gap between music and political advocacy, will honor individuals who have made significant contributions to protecting music creators’ rights. This year’s honorees include nine-time GRAMMY® winner Sheryl Crow, and Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), reflecting a bipartisan commitment to supporting the arts.

The GRAMMYs on the Hill Awards, often regarded as Washington’s premier event celebrating music and advocacy, serves not only as a platform for recognizing achievements but also emphasizes the critical dialogue between Capitol Hill and the music industry. The ceremony, to be held at the Hamilton Live, promises an evening of memorable performances and influential guests, all gathered under the stewardship of host Candiace Dillard Bassett, a celebrated singer and actress.

Sheryl Crow’s selection as an honoree is particularly noteworthy. With a career that spans over three decades, Crow has not only left an indelible mark on the music industry but also on the realm of music advocacy. Her efforts extend beyond performing, diving deep into activism, particularly through her co-founding of the Recording Artists’ Coalition in 2000 alongside Don Henley. This initiative was crucial in advocating for artists’ rights and bringing about significant changes in industry practices. Crow’s involvement has continued to evolve, addressing contemporary issues such as the implications of artificial intelligence on music, highlighted in her recent work “Evolution.”

On the political front, Senators Cornyn and Klobuchar have been instrumental in enacting legislation crucial to the music industry. Both played pivotal roles during the COVID-19 pandemic with the Save Our Stages Act, which provided $16 billion in federal assistance to help music venues stay afloat during the crisis. This act stands as a historic investment in U.S. arts and culture. They are currently collaborating on the Fans First Act to ensure transparency and fairness in the live event ticketing marketplace.

Following the awards ceremony, the action continues with the GRAMMYs on the Hill® Advocacy Day. This event, recognized as the largest and most prestigious legislative event for music on Capitol Hill, provides a platform for artists, producers, and other music professionals to engage directly with lawmakers. This close interaction helps advance legislative measures that protect music creators’ rights, including the discussions surrounding artificial intelligence and the integrity of live-event ticketing.

In addition to the traditional events, this year marks the inauguration of the GRAMMYs on the Hill Future Forum. This forum, created in partnership with the Human Artistry Campaign, aims to explore the burgeoning impact of artificial intelligence on the music industry, reflecting the Academy’s commitment to addressing cutting-edge issues affecting music creators.

The GRAMMYs on the Hill events underscore the critical intersection of music and legislative advocacy. By honoring artists like Sheryl Crow and lawmakers such as Senators Cornyn and Klobuchar, the Recording Academy reaffirms its commitment to fostering an environment where music and policy work in tandem to ensure a vibrant future for music creators across the nation.

With these festivities, the Recording Academy continues its longstanding tradition of honoring those who contribute significantly to the arts while advocating for the rights and sustainability of the music industry.