In a whimsical twist that combines the joyful essence of childhood with the delight of indulging in sweets, HARIBO, America’s favorite gummi brand, has unveiled its latest confectionary invention: the Unicorn-i-licious gummi treats. In what appears to be a fantastical culinary adventure, this new offering is both an eye-catcher and a palate pleaser, featuring a kaleidoscope of unicorn-shaped gummies in an array of enchanting flavors.

Launching as the first unicorn-themed gummi treat in HARIBO’s extensive global assortment, Unicorn-i-licious is designed exclusively for the U.S. market. This addition showcases a vibrant mix of six flavors, including Apple, Blue Raspberry, Berry Punch, and Banana, with Cotton Candy and Tangerine making their debut as brand-new HARIBO U.S. flavors.

Crafted to ignite a spark of childlike happiness, HARIBO’s Unicorn-i-licious promises not only a taste experience but also a voyage back to the simplicity and wonder of childhood dreams. Seth Klugherz, Vice President of Marketing at HARIBO of America, Inc., shares the company’s vision of bringing joy to everyday moments through their inventive treats. The inspiration behind the unicorn-themed gummies stems from a desire to blend the playful and nostalgic allure of unicorns with novel flavors that are sure to enchant the taste buds of fans across the nation.

Unicorn-i-licious joins the ranks of over 25 diverse HARIBO gummi varieties available in the U.S., standing shoulder-to-shoulder with beloved classics such as Goldbears, Twin Snakes, Starmix, Happy Cola, and Happy Cherries. This latest innovation marks HARIBO’s first new gummi creation for 2024, arriving on shelves nationwide, ready to captivate and delight consumers.

Beyond the sheer joy of adding a magical twist to their product line, HARIBO’s introduction of Unicorn-i-licious signals the beginning of an exciting year filled with inventive releases, creative collaborations, and a myriad of sweet surprises awaiting fans. With a legacy built on quality and the mission to inspire joy through their playful gummies, HARIBO continues to push the envelope, ensuring that the inner child in every consumer can relish in the delightful sweetness of their treats.

Founded in 1920 in Bonn, Germany, HARIBO has grown to become the world-leading manufacturer of gummi products, renowned globally for its classic Goldbears. The acronym HARIBO stands for Hans Riegel Bonn, a homage to its founder and the city of its origins. Today, the family-owned business proudly employs nearly 7,000 associates across 16 production sites in 11 countries, all while maintaining its commitment to quality and joy that has spanned over a century.

As Unicorn-i-licious makes its enchanting debut, HARIBO invites fans to follow their social media channels and visit their website for more information on this delightful new addition and other exciting developments from the world’s most beloved gummi brand.