In an unprecedented move that is set to permanently transform the landscape of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation has gathered a formidable coalition of 35 national organizations. This formidable group, representing over three million women globally, pledges its support for the first monument dedicated entirely to American women’s history. This initiative not only aims to commemorate the indelible impact women have had on American democracy but also ensures their stories are woven into the fabric of the nation’s capital in time for the 250th anniversary of American democracy in 2026.

The Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation has spearheaded this initiative, emphasizing the urgency and importance of integrating women’s contributions into the commemorative works found in Washington, D.C. For too long, the narratives of women who have shaped the country have been sidelined in the federal monuments and memorials. However, this project signals a shift towards inclusivity and recognition, ensuring that the roles women have played in America’s history are acknowledged and celebrated.

Among the 35 organizations joining the Foundation’s coalition are the National Council of Negro Women, Smithsonian American Women’s History Museum, National Archives Records Administration, and the Association of Junior Leagues International, to name a few. Each brings a unique perspective and commitment to uplifting women’s achievements and legacies. This diverse group of partners underscores the wide-ranging impact and support for the monument, signaling a collective effort to highlight women’s contributions across multiple spheres of American life.

Notably, the National Council of Negro Women and the Association of Junior Leagues International have voiced strong support for the monument. They hail it as a beacon of freedom, justice, and opportunity, embodying the ideals championed by historical figures like Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune. The monument is not only seen as a tribute to the past but as an inspiration for future generations to continue the march towards equality.

This coalition’s commitment is not just about erecting a monument; it’s about fostering a movement that champions women’s contributions as fundamental to the American narrative. The Foundation and its partners are calling on organizations and individuals nationwide to join in this historic endeavor, emphasizing that the project’s success hinges on a collective effort.

The Women’s Suffrage National Monument represents a tangible effort to rectify historical oversights and celebrates the longest political movement in American history. As the push for private donations continues, the monument promises to be more than just a physical structure. It stands as a lasting legacy of empowerment, a symbol of the long battle for equality, and a beacon for future generations.

In preparation for the 250th anniversary of American democracy, this initiative aligns with a broader national reflection on the country’s values, achievements, and aspirations. By ensuring that women’s contributions are permanently recognized on the National Mall, the Women’s Suffrage National Monument Foundation and its partners are writing a chapter that future generations will recognize as a pivotal moment in the ongoing story of American democracy.