In a notable recognition of its service excellence and brand strength, The Huntington National Bank, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, has been lauded with seven prestigious awards from Coalition Greenwich. This accolade underscores Huntington’s commitment to delivering outstanding banking, financing, and investing services to small and middle-market companies. The awards highlight the bank’s emphasis on ease of doing business, trust, long-term relationships, and exceptional customer service in cash management.

Coalition Greenwich, a renowned global provider of strategic benchmarking, analytics, and insights for the financial services industry, has identified Huntington’s middle market and business banking teams as standouts in their fields. Particularly, the middle market banking team has been commended for its prowess in easing the business process, fostering trust, value in long-term relationships, and delivering top-tier customer service in cash management. This part of Huntington services mid-sized clients, offering a broad spectrum of banking products including lending, liquidity, treasury management, payment services, and capital markets knowledge.

Meanwhile, Huntington’s business banking team, renowned for its support to thousands of small businesses across its operational footprint, received accolades for trust, overall satisfaction with cash management specialists, and proactive advice from relationship managers, particularly in the Midwest region. Notably, Huntington has marked its position as the nation’s top originator by volume of Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) loans for the seventh consecutive year at the close of the SBA year 2023, a testament to its leadership in bolstering small businesses.

These awards are based on nearly 27,000 interviews, reflecting a comprehensive evaluation of Huntington’s impact on businesses with sales ranging from $1 to $500 million across the United States. Such extensive feedback points to the bank’s significant role in Americans’ business landscapes, from small enterprises to mid-sized companies.

The recognition by Coalition Greenwich is especially meaningful for Huntington, as highlighted by Scott Kleinman, president of Huntington Commercial Bank. This acknowledgment mirrors the bank’s customer-centric approach, stressing an insights-driven strategy to assist businesses in capitalizing on new opportunities, enhancing efficiency, navigating uncertainties, and mitigating risks. Steve Rhodes, Huntington’s business banking director, credits this achievement to their colleagues’ dedication to delivering comprehensive banking capabilities to small business customers.

Huntington’s journey, from its inception in 1866 to becoming a $189 billion asset regional bank holding company, reflects its evolution into a pillar of the financial community. With approximately 1,000 branches across 11 states and a raft of services extending to consumers, small and middle-market businesses, corporations, municipalities, and other organizations, Huntington remains at the forefront of the banking sector.

The Coalition Greenwich awards underscore an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and a deep understanding of client needs. For Huntington, these accolades not only celebrate past successes but also herald a future wherein they continue to innovate, support, and grow with their business clients across the United States.