In a significant move to bolster its presence and influence within the American tech community, Infobip, a leading global cloud communications platform, is set to host the second edition of its developer conference, Infobip Shift Miami. Scheduled to unfold from April 22nd to 24th, 2024, at the esteemed Perez Art Museum in Miami, Florida, the event represents a considerable expansion from its inaugural occurrence. Originally a single-day event, Infobip Shift Miami now extends over three days, reflecting both the company’s ambitious vision and the event’s initial success.

The conference is poised to gather over 500 participants, including developers, tech enthusiasts, and industry professionals, offering a rich program of lectures, panels, networking opportunities, and hands-on workshops. This year’s edition places a special emphasis on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), acknowledging their critical role and burgeoning relevance in the software development landscape. APIs, as defined sets of rules and tools for software interoperability, are instrumental in today’s digital ecosystem, enabling diverse systems to communicate and share information seamlessly.

Nikola Radišić, head of the Infobip Shift team, expressed the intention behind focusing on APIs, citing their indispensability and the opportunity to provide attendees with insights into the latest tools and solutions. This focus furthers the aim of empowering developers to optimize their skills amidst the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Infobip Shift Miami boasts an impressive lineup of speakers from leading technology companies such as Camunda, Netlify, Cisco, Akamai, Wix, and more. These experts are expected to share their knowledge and insights, contributing to a comprehensive exploration of the current and future state of API technology and its impact on software development.

The expansion and thematic focus of this year’s Infobip Shift Miami underscore the event’s significance not just as a platform for learning and networking, but also as a testament to Infobip’s commitment to fostering a global developer community. As part of this Croatian unicorn’s broader initiative, the conference seeks to cement its place as a pivotal annual gathering for the American tech scene. With similar aspirations, the European edition of Infobip Shift is set to take place in Zadar, Croatia, later in September 2024, further extending Infobip’s outreach and influence across continents.

Infobip itself has garnered accolades for its innovative solutions in cloud communications, reflecting its critical role in shaping customer engagement technologies. The company’s accolades include leading rankings in CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) by notable industry analyses, affirming Infobip’s leadership and innovation within the global communications platform landscape.

As Infobip Shift Miami 2024 approaches, participants can anticipate a rich, immersive experience that not only highlights the significance of APIs in the digital age but also underscores the vibrancy and dynamism of the global developer community. Registration for the event is now open, inviting those interested to be part of this transformative gathering.