In a significant step towards transforming the landscape of consumer healthcare, Cured by Innovaccer Inc. has unveiled its new Healthcare Experience Platform (HXP). This innovative AI-powered platform is designed to enhance patient engagement and promote revenue growth by providing a seamless, integrated experience throughout the healthcare journey.

The Healthcare Experience Platform (HXP) serves as a centralized tool that incorporates extensive healthcare data, omnichannel communications, and robust analytics driven by AI. This launch aligns with Innovaccer’s strategic vision following its acquisition of Cured, aiming to foster advancements in patient experiences and outcomes.

Andrew Sawyer, CEO and cofounder of Cured by Innovaccer, emphasized the evolving landscape of healthcare consumer expectations, especially with the entry of large retailers into the market. According to Sawyer, the integration of personalized, digital strategies is crucial for healthcare organizations aiming to meet and exceed these new consumer demands.

HXP boasts a variety of features designed to optimize the healthcare experience for consumers. The Consumer Data Platform (CDP) centralizes first- and third-party data such as clinical, demographic, financial, and engagement records, providing a comprehensive view that enables targeted and personalized consumer interactions.

The platform also enhances patient communication through its Outreach solution, which includes over 80 pre-built patient journeys. These are guided by AI-powered multi-channel campaigns that ensure a smooth and engaging care journey for patients. Additionally, the AI-powered Contact Center streamlines patient access and improves operational efficiency, which significantly enhances workflow for agents and care team members.

Another key component of the platform is its Market Intelligence capabilities, which equip strategy and finance leaders with the tools to identify growth opportunities and optimize business performance. This allows for data-driven decision-making that significantly impacts Return on Investment (ROI).

Abhinav Shashank, cofounder and CEO of Innovaccer, outlined the platform’s benefits, stating that HXP helps healthcare organizations provide personalized, connected, and convenient experiences across the consumer journey. Shashank highlighted the platform’s ability to help organizations increase market share, improve healthcare outcomes, and attract more patients locally.

The HXP is poised to be a game-changer in the realm of healthcare technology by enabling health systems across the country to leverage its advanced AI capabilities to deliver a holistic and differentiated consumer healthcare experience.

Healthcare professionals interested in experiencing the potential of the Healthcare Experience Platform can schedule demonstrations to explore its numerous capabilities. Further insights into the platform’s benefits and functionalities were also available for attendees at the HMPS conference, where Cured by Innovaccer featured the HXP prominently.

As healthcare continues to evolve, platforms like the HXP by Cured by Innovaccer are at the forefront, driving innovation and transforming how healthcare organizations manage and deliver care, ensuring they remain competitive and responsive to the growing demands of consumers.