Invensify, Inc., a leading energy applications company based in Santa Clara, California, has unveiled a cutting-edge and energy-efficient temperature-controlled shipping container revolutionizing the cold chain industry. Known as Insuridge™, this revolutionary refrigerator is specifically designed to maintain stable storage temperatures for high-value pharmaceuticals during transportation to last-mile cold chain destinations.

Setting a new standard in the industry, Insuridge™ will be showcased at the Asembia AXS24 Summit in Las Vegas from April 28 to May 2, 2024. This innovative refrigerator not only complies with FDA guidelines for pharmaceutical storage but also ensures temperature uniformity and data integrity without the need for prior technical expertise.

Departing from traditional passive shippers that rely on dry ice or phase-change materials, Insuridge™ stands out as a semiconductor-controlled alternative that eschews compressors, refrigerants, or gases. It’s not only reusable and easy to use but also programmable and stackable, making it a convenient choice for pharmaceutical distribution points. What’s more, multiple units can be pre-staged and deployed using internal battery power, enabling continuous cooling without interruptions during transit.

One of the standout features of the Insuridge™ refrigerator is its patented solid-state cooling system powered by an internal 30Wh battery pack, which can be charged using standard 115V or 220V AC electrical service. Designed with sustainability in mind, this refrigerator maintains stable temperatures for an extended period without the need for recharging, ensuring the integrity of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals throughout the shipping process. Moreover, a cellular GPS function allows for real-time remote monitoring of location, temperature, and system performance, with data transmitted and securely stored in a cloud database accessible to customers for cold chain tracking.

Some key features of the Insuridge™ refrigerator include three temperature ranges for various pharmaceutical needs, a microporcessor control with digital display, reduced energy consumption, and robust construction. Additionally, the refrigerator boasts LTE, GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity with a customer app, making it a versatile and cutting-edge solution for the industry.

Invensify, Inc., known for its innovation-oriented approach, caters to a wide range of markets, including biopharmaceuticals, life sciences, healthcare, and government sectors, among others. The introduction of the Insuridge™ refrigerator highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency, and cutting-edge technological solutions in the cold chain industry.