In an impressive stride forward, IP Infusion, a pioneering force in the network software industry, has announced a staggering 61% sales growth for the year 2023, marking the highest revenue point in the company’s history. This achievement is not just a testament to IP Infusion’s innovative solutions but also a clear signal of the shifting paradigms in the world of networking technology.

Based in Santa Clara, California, IP Infusion has been at the forefront of providing carrier-grade networking software systems. The company’s success in 2023, underscored by the acquisition of ninety-five new customers and the addition of forty-one new partners, solidifies its position as a formidable alternative to conventional networking giants like Cisco, Juniper, and Arista.

IP Infusion’s flagship software, OcNOS®, has led the charge in offering open, disaggregated networking solutions, with the company registering a total of 351 repeat OcNOS customer orders last year. The continued patronage from existing customers speaks volumes about the reliability and efficiency of IP Infusion’s products. To date, over 42,000 OcNOS licenses have been sold, and the company has seen two million of its ports shipped globally, underlining the widespread acceptance and trust in its solutions.

Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO of IP Infusion, expressed pride in the company’s performance, attributing the success to the growing demand for their software and open, disaggregated network solutions. In a world grappling with economic volatility, IP Infusion’s offerings represent a mature, cost-effective option for building secure and reliable networks that can withstand complex use cases.

The company’s significant customer base expansion included notable names like Africell Sierra Leone and EXATEL, indicating a broad industry appreciation for open networking solutions. The OcNOS Aggregation Router, Data Center, and Cell Site Router, in particular, have been leading sales, demonstrating the practical applicability of IP Infusion’s solutions across diverse networking needs.

A key highlight of 2023 was IP Infusion’s strategic partnership with NTT DATA, part of the esteemed NTT Group. This collaboration aims to provide the market with open networking solutions, further diversifying the options available to network operators. IP Infusion’s involvement in the development of Beluganos, a new network operating system for white box solutions, showcases its commitment to innovation and its significant contributions to realizing NTT Corporation’s IOWN concept.

Gaining top industry accolades, such as being named a Leader, Outperformer, and Platform Player in GigaOm’s Network Operating System (NOS) Radar Reports for the third consecutive year, IP Infusion has clearly outpaced incumbent providers. This recognition not only emphasizes the company’s leadership in the industry but also reinforces the trust and confidence that customers place in their solutions.

IP Infusion’s journey reflects a broader industry trend towards open, flexible, and cost-effective networking solutions. As legacy systems struggle to keep pace with the evolving technology landscape, IP Infusion’s breakthroughs herald a new era in network infrastructure, making it a company to watch in the coming years.