IP Infusion, a prominent player in carrier-grade networking software, is set to contribute significantly at this year’s Open Compute Project (OCP) Regional Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, by hosting an essential executive panel. This presentation, scheduled for April 24, 2024, will illuminate the path of disaggregated networking and showcase successful real-world deployments of IP Infusion’s technologies.

The panel titled “A Practical Guide to Disaggregated Networking: IP Infusion, Madeo Consultant, and Prosoluce Present the Keys to Success,” will be facilitated by Kelly LeBlanc, IP Infusion’s Chief Marketing and Product Officer. Joining her will be representatives from Madeo Consultant and Prosoluce, both French-based firms that have integrated IP Infusion’s solutions into their network infrastructure.

This summit provides a crucial venue for discussing advancements in data center sustainability, energy efficiency, and the innovative recycling of heat. A significant focus will be on how strategies implemented in hyperscale data center operations can address broader industry challenges. IP Infusion’s participation underscores their longstanding commitment to advancing open networking—a principle that enables network operators to break free from proprietary hardware and embrace flexible, scalable solutions.

Madeo Consultant has utilized IP Infusion’s OcNOS networking software in a substantial operational shift from traditional Cisco products to a more modern, open-network hardware approach. François Defrocourt from Madeo Consultant will offer insights into the transition process and the operational benefits of embracing open-network technologies.

On the other hand, Prosoluce’s strategy to upgrade their 10G backbone to a more robust 100G showcases the tangible improvements that can be achieved through open networking. Gaël Hermet from Prosoluce will share their experiences, focusing on how the switch has facilitated not only a technical upgrade but also enhanced compatibility across a multi-vendor network environment.

The expertise shared by IP Infusion and its partners at the conference will likely bolster understanding of the operational and economic advantages of disaggregated networking solutions. These discussions are not merely technical but pivot towards strategic implications for businesses aiming to optimize their networking infrastructure amidst evolving technological landscapes.

The Open Compute Project, a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support growing demands on compute infrastructure, serves as the perfect backdrop for such discussions. The insights provided by IP Infusion at the event are expected to contribute significantly to the ongoing dialogue on how open-source solutions can redefine networking for modern enterprises.

IP Infusion’s enduring influence in the sector and their commitment to innovation and cost-effective solutions have made them a definitive leader in network softwares. Their active involvement in events like the OCP Regional Summit illustrates their role in shaping the future of network technology deployment.