In a significant expansion of international capabilities in the biopharmaceutical sector, KCAS Bio, based in Kansas City, Kansas, has joined forces with Melbourne’s Crux Biolabs to offer advanced spectral flow cytometry services across the United States, Europe, and Australia. This alliance aims to provide harmonized and cutting-edge analysis opportunities utilizing the Cytek Aurora system, strengthening the global clinical research infrastructure.

KCAS Bio is well-recognized as a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO), offering a comprehensive suite of GLP-compliant bioanalytical and biomarker development testing services geared towards the biotech, pharmaceutical, and cell/gene therapy industries. It operates from multiple locations worldwide including Kansas City, the greater Philadelphia area, and Lyon, France. The partnership will enable KCAS Bio to extend its global footprint, offering crucial support in the development of biotherapeutics and small molecule drugs from the early discovery phase to commercial approval.

Crux Biolabs, becoming the first Australian CRO to offer spectral flow cytometry services accredited for clinical research, provides a range of GCLP/GCP-compliant services. This includes the processing of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), pharmacodynamics, and pharmacokinetics assessment. Crux Biolabs’ strategic location and robust service offerings are particularly favourable for supporting Phase 1 clinical trials in Australia, known globally for its capabilities and efficiency in this early stage of clinical research.

The use of spectral flow cytometry in clinical trials is crucial for its high-throughput capability to analyse multiple parameters per cell, providing detailed data on the cellular composition of samples which is vital for understanding immune responses and disease mechanisms. The Cytek Aurora platform, a cornerstone of this partnership, is renowned for its precision and ability to provide comprehensive multi-colour analysis.

John Bucksath, CEO of KCAS Bio, emphasized their commitment to this partnership and enhancing their service offerings globally. Acknowledging the strategic investment in spectral flow cytometry, Bucksath highlighted the integration of harmonized Cytek Aurora cytometers at Crux Biolabs, which is essential for maintaining consistency and reliability in data across international research sites.

Stefan Cross, CEO of Crux Biolabs, expressed enthusiasm about the capabilities this union brings to the biopharma and pharmaceutical landscape. By establishing common analytical practices and technologies, KCAS Bio and Crux Biolabs will deliver an industry-leading service that will significantly benefit current and emerging clients, particularly through the streamlined and harmonized development processes.

This collaboration is also supported by Vitruvian Partners, a key growth investor that has been backing KCAS Bio since April 2021, aligning with their efforts to scale operations and enhance global outreach effectively. This partnership not only reflects a strategic expansion for both entities but also emphasizes the critical nature of innovative methodologies like spectral flow cytometry in the fast-evolving field of clinical research, potentially setting new benchmarks in the global bioanalytical services market.