King Charles has recognised his top medical team amid his ongoing cancer treatment. Dr. Michael Dixon, head of the Royal Medical Household, and Dr. Fiona Butler, the King’s General Practitioner, have been honoured with titles of Commander and Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order, respectively. These awards were announced on the King’s official birthday.

Dr. Dixon has faced criticism for his support of alternative therapies but has a long-standing relationship with the King, playing a pivotal role in the healthcare of the royal family. Dr. Butler, also awarded a British Empire Medal earlier this year, holds a significant position in healthcare in west London. The royal medical team has been continuously monitoring the King since he resumed public duties in April.

In addition, Michael Dooley has been recognised for his service as Queen Camilla’s physician. Other honours were bestowed upon longstanding advisors and aides such as Nicholas Osler, Richard Fitzalan Howard, and Reverend Kenneth MacKenzie, reflecting broad gratitude for their personal services to the monarch and the late Queen Elizabeth II.