In a significant move earmarked to streamline digital marketing operations for multi-brand organizations, Klaviyo has launched an innovative suite called Klaviyo Portfolio. This development was unveiled at K:LDN, Klaviyo’s full-day immersive customer event in London.

Klaviyo Portfolio is poised to revolutionize how businesses, particularly those with global and multiple regional accounts, manage their marketing endeavors. By integrating various accounts into a single platform, Klaviyo Portfolio offers businesses a unified view of their marketing activities, thereby enhancing operational efficiencies and ensuring brand consistency across all fronts.

According to Andrew Bialecki, co-founder and CEO of Klaviyo, this new feature was introduced in response to customer feedback seeking enhanced support for managing multiple accounts seamlessly. “Klaviyo Portfolio is our solution to the complexity marketers face when running multi-brand or multi-region businesses,” said Bialecki. He emphasized that the tool is engineered to improve day-to-day operations, enhance marketing efficiency, and ultimately drive greater return on investment (ROI).

Key features of Klaviyo Portfolio cater to a broad spectrum of needs:

  • Deeper Insights: Businesses can track growth opportunities by viewing all account activities through one global dashboard.

  • Better Forecasting: The tool facilitates easier budget management by providing clear insights into spending across all accounts.

  • Faster Execution: Marketing assets, ranging from templates to entire campaigns, can be shared instantly across various accounts.

  • Simpler Operations: Enhanced visibility into the users across accounts while integrating robust security measures like multi-factor authentication and single sign-on.

This centralized system is especially beneficial for corporations like Liberated Brands, which oversees multiple high-profile websites including Billabong and Quiksilver. Courtney Meehan, Digital Marketing Director at Liberated Brands, expressed enthusiasm about the Klaviyo Portfolio. She pointed out that the unified view enabled by the platform is crucial for assessing performance across the company’s diverse brand portfolio.

Furthermore, Klaviyo has announced the introduction of its platform in French and the expansion of its Klaviyo SMS service to additional international markets, including Spain, Switzerland, Austria, and Nordic countries. The availability of Klaviyo in French from May onwards marks a significant step in catering to French-speaking regions, aligning with Klaviyo’s strategy for product-led international growth.

Klaviyo, headquartered in Boston, has rapidly expanded its global footprint with recent office openings in Sydney and London. Its SaaS platform is renowned for leveraging first-party data through more than 350 integrations, allowing over 143,000 paying customers worldwide to optimize their marketing communications across email, SMS, and push notifications.

As digital marketing continues to evolve, tools like Klaviyo Portfolio are set to play a pivotal role in helping businesses navigate the complexities of multi-account and multi-regional marketing, ensuring they remain competitive in the rapidly changing digital landscape.