In a strategic move aimed at boosting its growth in the cloud data integration sector, Matillion has appointed Eric Benson as its new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). With an impressive background in cloud services, including significant stints at AWS and VMware, Benson brings a wealth of experience to the UK-based company, which is known for its innovative data pipeline platform.

Eric Benson’s career in the tech industry spans over a decade, with substantial contributions at Amazon Web Services (AWS) where he held several senior executive positions. His roles included steering enterprise sales, business development, and crafting strategies for digital-native ventures. His tenure at AWS was marked by a deep engagement with cloud technologies and consumption-based business models, which are crucial in today’s rapidly digitizing economy.

Following his success at AWS, Benson took on a pivotal role at VMware as Vice President of Americas Cloud Sales, where he was instrumental in forging and deepening alliances with major tech giants such as Microsoft and Google. Under his leadership, VMware saw its AWS partnership revenues swell from $60 million to over $350 million, demonstrating his capability to drive substantial growth in cloud-based environments.

Matillion, dual-headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and Manchester, England, specializes in helping businesses transform and harness their data more effectively. The company’s platforms, including the recently launched Data Productivity Cloud, are designed to cater to both coders and non-coders, facilitating efficient data management that supports analytics, machine learning, and AI applications. This is increasingly essential as companies across various sectors seek to leverage data for competitive advantage.

The timing of Benson’s appointment coincides with Matillion’s intensified focus on integrating artificial intelligence within its offerings. This strategic initiative is aimed at addressing the productivity gaps in data engineering that many enterprises face today. With AI-augmented features like pushdown AI and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) technology, Matillion is positioned at the forefront of the data integration industry, providing tools that are not only powerful but also user-friendly for data professionals.

Matthew Scullion, co-founder and CEO of Matillion, expressed confidence in Benson’s capability to amplify the company’s market position and to capitalize on the rising demand for sophisticated data integration tools. Scullion highlighted Benson’s proven track record in crafting consumption-based growth strategies and scaling sales operations, which will be vital as Matillion seeks to expand its global footprint.

The inclusion of Eric Benson in Matillion’s management team signals the company’s commitment to scaling its operations and enhancing its product offerings in the cloud data space. With the data integration market evolving rapidly, bolstered by the proliferation of data across all sectors, Matillion’s strategic focus on AI and its robust platform could set new standards in how enterprises optimize data for strategic decisions. Benson’s leadership could very well be significant in steering Matillion through its next growth phase, as businesses worldwide continue to prioritize powerful, scalable data solutions.