Mitutoyo America Corporation, a global leader in precision measurement tools and equipment, has recently announced the launch of its updated end-user portal, 3.0. With this new release, Mitutoyo underscores its commitment to enhancing the usability and functionality of its digital services, bringing several valuable tools and resources for its users.

Scheduled to roll out in April 2024, the update focuses on streamlining the customer interface to provide hassle-free access to crucial information and services that facilitate improved end-user engagement. The new dashboard is a notable feature, designed to enhance user interaction by offering a simplified, centralized view of registered products, attended courses, and quotations.

Key to this upgrade is the improved Distributor Locator tool, which is engineered to assist customers in swiftly finding and connecting with Mitutoyo’s distributors. This tool now allows users to save distributors as favourites, facilitating quicker future transactions and interactions. Additionally, users can now directly request price quotes from distributors for Mitutoyo products, ensuring a more efficient procurement process.

Beyond locating distributors, continues to serve as a hub for a wealth of product-specific resources. Registered users can access detailed manuals, technical specifications, and even maintenance videos—an invaluable resource for ensuring the longevity and proper handling of Mitutoyo products. Moreover, the portal provides discounts and exclusive offers, adding value to the customer experience.

President of Mitutoyo America Corporation, Matt Dye, expressed his enthusiasm about the new iteration of the portal. According to Dye, the upgraded features and tools within Version 3.0 are a testament to the company’s dedication to responding to user needs and enhancing efficiency across various sectors they serve.

Mitutoyo Corporation, headquartered in Japan, is recognized as the world’s largest provider of measurement and inspection solutions. The company’s extensive product line includes sophisticated systems such as coordinate measuring machines (CMM), vision systems, and metrology data management software, among others. Mitutoyo America operates a comprehensive network of Metrology Centers and support operations across the nation to provide wide-ranging services including application assistance, calibration, repair, and educational programs.

With the digital enhancements presented in 3.0, Mitutoyo America continues to define itself not only as a leader in technological innovation within measurement solutions but also as a customer-centric organization that evolves in step with the needs of the industries it serves. As further updates like 3.1 are on the horizon, customers can look forward to even more advancements that simplify and enrich their interactions with measurement technologies.