In a strategic move designed to enhance cybersecurity for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the United States, Mulberri, a pioneering AI-driven insurance platform, has partnered with Acronis, a leader in cyber protection. This collaboration introduces cyber insurance coverage directly integrated into the Acronis platform, making it easier and quicker for businesses to secure themselves against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity threats are increasingly becoming sophisticated, targeting not only large corporations but also SMBs, which are often seen as low-hanging fruit by cybercriminals due to typically less robust security measures. The threat is real and growing, with the FBI’s Internet Crime Report 2023 noting a significant rise in cybercrime incidents, underscoring the importance of robust cybersecurity measures combined with comprehensive insurance coverage.

Acronis, a globally respected provider of integrated cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint management services, has been serving a broad range of clients from managed service providers (MSPs) to enterprises. Their solutions are crafted to provide a seamless experience that guards against the full spectrum of cyber threats, ensuring data integrity, and minimal service disruption.

The partnership with Mulberri brings an extra layer of security and confidence through their pioneering Cyber Insurance offering. Recognizing the challenges SMBs face in procuring appropriate cyber insurance—a process often viewed as time-consuming and convoluted—Mulberri has designed a product that redefines ease of access and affordability in cybersecurity insurance. By embedding this insurance directly into the sales cycle businesses have a more streamlined approach to obtaining critical coverage.

Specifically, Mulberri’s Cyber Insurance offers straightforward policy options, including fixed premiums and coverage limits of $250,000 and $500,000, designed to meet the needs and budgets of smaller businesses. This initiative addresses a significant market gap, given that only a minor fraction of SMBs traditionally opt for cyber insurance due to complex application processes and seemingly prohibitive costs.

Hamesh Chawla, Co-founder and CEO of Mulberri, emphasizes the transformative nature of this partnership, stating it removes traditional barriers associated with selling cyber insurance and facilitates essential coverage for SMBs. This initiative not only simplifies the acquisition process but also democratizes the availability of cyber insurance, ensuring more businesses can secure themselves against imminent cyber threats that can lead to operational and financial setbacks.

The incorporation of Mulberri’s cyber insurance into the Acronis platform is poised to set a new standard in the insurtech and cybersecurity industries. It marries advanced technological protection with risk management and insurance, providing a holistic approach to cyber defense that is swift, economical, and easy to manage.

As the digital landscape evolves, partnerships like that between Acronis and Mulberri will become increasingly crucial. They offer scalable and comprehensive solutions to combat the sophisticated and evolving threat of cyber crime, thereby supporting the sustainability and growth of businesses in today’s digital economy.

For more detailed information on how this integrated cyber insurance coverage works and its benefits to businesses, SMBs can access resources and support on the Acronis website.