In a remarkable achievement for corporate sustainability, Nagase Viita Co., Ltd., part of the esteemed NAGASE Group based in Okayama, Japan, has been awarded the prestigious “Platinum” rating by EcoVadis SAS. This recognition positions Nagase Viita among the top 1% of companies globally in terms of sustainability practices, highlighting its commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and society. As one of the world’s leading providers of business sustainability ratings, EcoVadis SAS evaluates companies across 180 countries and more than 220 industries, making this accolade particularly significant.

The journey towards sustainability is an ongoing process, one that Nagase Viita has navigated with considerable success. Having previously secured a Gold rating in 2022 and a Silver rating in 2023, the company’s elevation to Platinum status in 2024 is a testament to its continuous efforts to improve. This remarkable progression reflects the company’s dedicated approach to enhancing its policies and practices across crucial sustainability themes evaluated by EcoVadis, including Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

Nagase Viita’s commitment to integrating eco-friendly and bio-based materials into its operations played a significant role in achieving the Platinum rating. This strategic move not only demonstrates the company’s innovative approach to sustainability but also its readiness to lead by example in the adoption of sustainable practices within the industry.

The significance of Nagase Viita’s achievement extends beyond the accolade itself. It sends a strong message to businesses worldwide about the importance of sustainable practices and the potential to drive positive change within global supply chains. By prioritizing sustainability, companies like Nagase Viita contribute to the broader objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and encourage others to follow suit, fostering a more sustainable society for future generations.

Founded in 1883, originally as Hayashibara Co., Ltd., Nagase Viita has a long history of innovation and evolution. From its early days as a syrup manufacturer to its current status as a leader in leveraging natural resources for a myriad of applications, the company has consistently demonstrated its capacity for transformation. With specialties in functional materials for various industries, including food, personal care, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture, Nagase Viita’s recent rebranding underlines its commitment to collaboration and global innovation within the NAGASE Group.

As Nagase Viita continues to champion sustainability and resolve social issues, its Platinum rating by EcoVadis stands as a beacon of its dedication to enhancing corporate value and maintaining the trust of its stakeholders. This accolade not only acknowledges the company’s past achievements but also sets the stage for its future endeavors in contributing to a more sustainable and equitable world.