Next Bio, a leading South Korean biotechnology company known for its innovative approach to the production of cold brew coffee, has recently made significant advancements in its manufacturing process by incorporating Hiperbaric’s High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology. This strategic enhancement is set to increase the company’s production capacity to a formidable 6,000 tons per year, marking a major step forward in its growth and expansion plans.

The integration of the Hiperbaric 300 industrial system into Next Bio’s production line will enable the company to process up to 1,410 kilograms of cold brew coffee per hour. HPP technology employs ultra-high pressure purified cold water to inactivate pathogens and spoilage microorganisms without the use of high temperatures. This not only ensures the safety of the coffee but also preserves its natural flavours, nutrients, and colour.

K.J. Choi, CMO at Next Bio, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Hiperbaric, highlighting that the HPP system will enhance the safety and extend the shelf life of their cold brew products to up to 90 days while maintaining their freshness and flavour.

This new capability is complemented by Next Bio’s proprietary “Super Drop Process,” a novel extraction method which utilizes pure cold water at temperatures below 18°C. This technique allows the extraction of highly concentrated essences from coffee and other natural products like tea and herbs more efficiently than traditional methods, offering a rich, robust flavour. Y.H. Kim from Next Bio explained that this method could extract coffee essences that are almost three times more concentrated than those produced by espresso machines, in just 60 minutes.

The strategic use of HPP by Next Bio not only boosts its production efficiencies but also significantly minimizes the risk of product spoilage and extends its market reach, allowing the company to supply fresher, longer-lasting cold brew coffee to markets that include the U.S., Japan, and Singapore.

Moreover, this adoption of HPP technology by Next Bio is emblematic of a growing trend in the beverage industry where companies are increasingly turning to innovative technologies to enhance product quality and safety. HPP is recognized for its ability to maintain the sensory and nutritional quality of foods, which is particularly important in the competitive space of high-value beverages like cold brew coffee.

Hiperbaric, headquartered in Spain and with an office in Miami, has been a pioneer in the development of HPP technology. With hundreds of their systems in use worldwide, they support a wide range of food industry sectors. The company not only supplies equipment but also engages in comprehensive research and development, consistently advancing the capabilities of HPP technology.

As the cold brew coffee market continues to expand globally, the partnership between Next Bio and Hiperbaric represents a significant advancement in ensuring that consumers have access to high-quality, safe, and flavourful products. This collaboration highlights the importance of innovation in the food and beverage industry, setting new standards for product quality and safety which are likely to influence future trends in the sector.