In a recent announcement that has stirred the digital and local communities alike, Nextdoor, the global neighborhood app, has declared the renewal of its partnership with Alida, a leading name in community-centered research. This renewed collaboration is set to further enrich the experience of millions of Nextdoor users by leveraging direct insights to foster stronger relationships between neighbors and local businesses worldwide.

Nextdoor, listed under the ticker KIND on the New York Stock Exchange, has cemented its place as an indispensable platform where neighbors, businesses of various sizes, and public agencies across more than 330,000 neighborhoods in 11 countries converge. The platform’s purpose-driven mission is to not just connect individuals to their local communities online, but also to encourage a kinder, more collaborative real-world neighborhood experience. It’s a digital initiative with a uniquely human heart, aiming to create a world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on.

The partnership with Alida plays a crucial role in realizing this vision. Alida’s expertise in gathering in-depth insights and feedback is central to Nextdoor’s strategy to enhance user engagement and trust. The decision to continue this collaboration underscores the success of prior endeavors which saw the creation of the “Nextdoor Neighbor Network”. This network, consisting of over 4,400 members, has been instrumental in launching more than 50 research initiatives, offering invaluable insights into the preferences, sentiments, and behaviors of highly engaged community members.

Such insights have played a pivotal role in various segments of Nextdoor’s operations, from advertising and marketing strategies to user experience improvements and social impact initiatives. One notable outcome of this partnership is the enhancement of the “Neighborhood Faves” program. Feedback from this program revealed that a staggering 94% of Nextdoor users treasure recommendations from their neighbors regarding products, services, and local businesses. Additionally, 79% of users indicated that they are more inclined to patronize a business or service if it’s highlighted as a Nextdoor Neighborhood Fave.

The insights gathered are not confined to internal use; Nextdoor also leverages Alida’s platform for commissioning market research for its clients, providing them with trends and insights specific to Nextdoor’s engaged user base. This offers a unique perspective on neighborhood trends and preferences, allowing for more targeted and relevant initiatives.

The Alida-powered “Nextdoor Neighborhood Network” has fundamentally transformed how Nextdoor interacts with and learns from its users. According to Guo Jie Chin, Head of Customer Insights & Analytics at Nextdoor, this engagement has been paramount in shaping endeavors across the organization, enhancing their ability to deliver more tailored and impactful offerings. This includes the Nextdoor Insights Hub, which showcases the latest neighborhood trends and insights derived from Alida’s community-centered research platform.

As digital platforms continue to evolve, fostering genuine community connections becomes increasingly challenging yet essential. The continued partnership between Nextdoor and Alida exemplifies a shared commitment to building stronger, more trusting, and engaged communities through direct feedback and insights. This collaborative effort not only benefits users and local businesses but also sets a benchmark for how tech companies can meaningfully connect with and contribute to the communities they serve.