Optiv Security Inc., a recognized leader in cybersecurity advisory and solutions, has recently unveiled its second annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report. The Denver-based company detailed its continued commitment to not only maintaining robust cyber defenses for clients but also advancing corporate responsibility through sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and community outreach.

Under the theme of “Securing and Protecting,” Optiv has emphasized its role in integrating cybersecurity into the core of good governance, honing data security, and ensuring that leadership diversity aligns with workforce demographics. The firm’s approach includes a year-round, 24/7 focus on managing and mitigating cyber risks, crucial in today’s evolving digital threat landscape.

Additionally, the report underscores Optiv’s dedication to “Expanding Talent and Opportunity.” This initiative includes fostering a workplace culture named ‘One Optiv,’ which supports diversity and inclusion while actively nurturing the skillsets of its team to propel career development and enhance service offerings. Optiv seeks to reflect this inclusive culture not only within its workforce but in the broader societal canvas by scaling opportunities for diverse individuals in the cybersecurity field.

The third pillar, “Building Community,” reflects Optiv’s commitment to social responsibility. This segment of the ESG report highlights the company’s efforts in mobilizing its workforce to engage in volunteering and community-driven activities. Moreover, Optiv focuses on empowering the next generation of cyber leaders through educational and developmental initiatives and contributions to charities via the “Optiv Chips In” program.

Kevin Lynch, Optiv’s CEO, remarked on the firm’s proactive stance in ESG matters, especially in periods of economic unpredictability where some may scale back. Lynch emphasized the imperative of integrating ESG principles as a substrate across all business processes, affirming Optiv’s positioning as a leader intent on setting industry benchmarks.

The report reveals impressive figures that substantiate Optiv’s claims: approximately $329 million was committed to diverse suppliers in the past year, and significant strides have been made in workforce diversity with 29% of its global workforce being women, surpassing the U.S. industry average by 4%. The report also noted an 81% employee agreement rate on the ability to express their authentic selves at work, illustrating a positive internal cultural environment.

Bill Croutch, Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Optiv, and an executive sponsor of the 2024 ESG report, highlighted the firm’s commitment to ongoing improvement in its sustainability journey. He acknowledged the embedded practice of managing cyber risks to bolster effective governance as central to Optiv’s operations, impacting nearly 6,000 clients globally.

The detailed figures and initiatives led by Optiv speak volumes about the company’s integration of ESG into its core operations. With over 700 employees engaging in its inaugural virtual DEI fair and a leadership structure that exhibits significant diversity, Optiv is positioning itself as not just a cybersecurity firm but a beacon of corporate responsibility in the tech industry.

Optiv’s robust approach towards ESG, detailed in its latest report, further solidifies its role as an influential player in the cybersecurity sector, setting standards and exemplifying best practices that extend well beyond mere compliance and risk management, towards a more inclusive and socially responsible corporate identity.