OutSystems Achieves Leadership Status in Low-Code Development According to G2’s Enterprise Grid Report

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, low-code platforms have emerged as transformative tools for businesses aiming to speed up application creation without sacrificing quality. Leading the charge in this dynamic arena is OutSystems, which has recently been recognized for its exceptional performance and customer satisfaction in G2’s Enterprise Grid Report for Low-Code Development Platforms.

G2, reputed as the world’s largest and most reliable software marketplace, has placed OutSystems at the pinnacle of customer satisfaction among 36 low-code platforms analyzed. This accolade is especially significant considering it is based on direct feedback from users, reflecting the effectiveness and impact of OutSystems on their operations.

OutSystems, founded in 2001, has consistently aimed to empower organizations to innovate through software. Its high-performance low-code platform is designed to offer technology leaders and developers the capability to quickly build, deploy, and manage crucial business applications. This approach has not only streamlined software development but also enabled companies to adapt and respond to market changes with agility.

The recognition by G2 underscores OutSystems’ commitment to delivering not just cutting-edge technology but also unsurpassed customer service. According to Andy Pemberton, Chief Customer Officer at OutSystems, the company’s vision is to assist CIOs and their teams in creating enterprise-grade applications that exceed user expectations. Achieving leadership status across multiple G2 Grids reflects the success of this vision, bolstered by the platform’s ability to support users in developing transformative software applications.

This achievement is part of OutSystems’ broader success in the G2 reports for winter and spring 2024. The company stood out by earning top reviews from verified users and comparing favorably to other products in the Enterprise category. Moreover, OutSystems’ recognition was enriched by over 60 badges across various reports in the same period, highlighting its versatility and excellence in different market segments, including the Mid-Market and Small Business sectors.

Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2, emphasized the significance of the reports as a resource for buyers in their research journey. With over 150,000 software products and services featured on G2, only the top-ranked entities are highlighted each quarter. OutSystems’ achievement not only celebrates its superior rankings but also its resonance with real customer experiences.

This accolade from G2 reaffirms OutSystems’ status as a leader in the fast-paced world of low-code development platforms. As businesses continue to seek efficient and agile software solutions, OutSystems’ innovative approach and proven customer satisfaction set a high standard for what technology leaders and developers can expect from low-code platforms.

With its robust global presence, including a vibrant community of over 700,000 members, partnerships with over 500 companies, and customers across 79 countries, OutSystems is poised to continue its mission. By enabling enterprises to harness the power of software innovation, OutSystems not only fuels business growth but also drives the broader evolution of the software development industry.