In a significant development in digital content creation, Picsart has introduced a new tool called Smart Background, dramatically simplifying professional product photography. This feature debuted at the recent Web Summit in Rio and is tailored to enhance marketing visuals effectively and efficiently.

Smart Background is designed to seamlessly transform ordinary product images into professional-grade shots with just a click. This tool is AI-powered and capable of recognizing the product in an image, suggesting optimal backgrounds, and adding realistic embellishments like drop shadows. Such advancements are intended to create visually appealing images that are ready to use on e-commerce platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, and social media channels, including Instagram and TikTok.

This feature is particularly beneficial for small business owners, solopreneurs, and online marketers who frequently need to create eye-catching product visuals without access to professional photography equipment or studios. With Smart Background, users can produce high-quality images directly from their mobile devices, enabling rapid and dynamic content creation suitable for various digital channels.

The integration of Smart Background with Picsart’s robust suite of editing tools and assets provides a comprehensive solution for content creation. Users can not only edit images but also craft animated and video content ideal for platforms like Instagram stories and TikTok, enhancing engagement with visually dynamic media.

Picsart’s CEO Hovhannes Avoyan emphasized the impact of Smart Background, highlighting its role in democratizing high-quality digital content creation. The tool is positioned not just as an image enhancer but as an essential asset for creating comprehensive marketing campaigns from simple product photographs. This functionality caters to the growing demand for versatile and professional digital content indispensable for modern digital marketing strategies.

Smart Background enriches Picsart’s already extensive toolkit, which includes over 20 AI-powered tools specifically designed for marketers and content creators. The suite aims to provide an all-encompassing software solution that supports the creation of promotional materials across various online platforms.

With digital marketing becoming increasingly visual and platforms like Instagram and TikTok shaping how products are perceived and sold online, tools like Smart Background could prove crucial. They not only save time and resources but also level the playing field, allowing individual creators and small businesses to compete with larger entities.

For businesses looking to enhance their digital presence through compelling visual content, Smart Background by Picsart offers a promising solution, combining simplicity with powerful technology. Now available as part of Picsart’s creative suite, this tool reaffirms the company’s commitment to empowering creators with accessible, high-quality content creation tools. Access to Smart Background and other features is available via Picsart’s website or through its mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms.