The Port of Huntsville has once again demonstrated its crucial role in facilitating trade and bolstering the economy in North Alabama, marking a significant year of growth in intermodal transportation. In 2023, this pivotal inland port boasted a substantial increase in rail lifts—a 24% rise from the previous year—highlighting its ongoing success in connecting the region to national and international markets.

Located strategically in Huntsville, Alabama, the Port is a linchpin for the region, offering unmatched services in intermodal transport since 1986. Its unique position and facilities have made it a trusted partner for over 400 companies, ensuring the seamless transfer of goods across various modes of transportation. Butch Roberts, the CEO of the Port of Huntsville, proudly attributes this achievement to the port’s commitment to excellent customer service and its array of state-of-the-art amenities.

Functioning as North Alabama’s only inland port, the Port of Huntsville stands out for its integrated services that include air, rail, and highway transport. Its notable infrastructure comprises a five-mile rail spur that connects directly to the Norfolk Southern Railroad mainline, providing access to major seaports on the East and West coasts of the United States. Shawn Tureman, Norfolk Southern Vice President Intermodal & Automotive Marketing, emphasized the importance of their partnership with the Port of Huntsville, highlighting its role in ensuring efficiency and speed in getting products to market for Alabama and Tennessee businesses.

The Port of Huntsville’s capabilities are wide-ranging. It features a rail cargo terminal and ramp, U.S. Customs and Border Protection services onsite, Foreign Trade Zone No. 83, and extensive air cargo warehouse and distribution facilities. Additionally, its favorable location alongside I-565 offers easy access to the interstate highway system, enhancing its logistical advantages.

The Huntsville International Airport, part of the Port of Huntsville, also plays a significant role in the port’s operations. It is ranked 21st in the continental U.S. for international air cargo volume, accommodating major cargo airlines and providing expansive facilities for air freight. This underscores the port’s comprehensive approach to intermodal transport, offering both air and rail freight solutions.

This sustained growth and expansion have been underpinned by substantial investment in the port’s infrastructure. Over $300 million has been invested in rail intermodal and air cargo facilities, reinforcing the port’s capacity to handle increasing volumes of freight and ensuring its competitive edge in the logistics and transportation industry.

In its more than three decades of operation, the International Intermodal Center at the Port of Huntsville has been instrumental in connecting the rapidly growing Huntsville community and the Tennessee Valley region to the global marketplace. It has played a key role in stimulating economic growth and fostering prosperity within the region.

Looking ahead, the Port of Huntsville is poised for further expansion and success. With its strategic partnerships, continued investment in infrastructure, and commitment to service excellence, the Port is set to enhance its contributions to the regional and national economy, boosting job creation and facilitating more efficient trade and logistics operations.