In a strategic move to bolster efforts aimed at promoting responsible consumer flushing habits, Promescent, a leading sexual health and wellness company, has joined forces with the Responsible Flushing Alliance (RFA). This partnership marks a significant step forward in the ongoing campaign to educate the public on the importance of not flushing non-flushable wipes, a common but harmful practice that jeopardizes sewage systems nationwide.

The RFA, a nonprofit organization, has been at the forefront of initiatives to curb the damaging consequences of improper flushing habits on the nation’s sewage infrastructures. With a focus on spreading awareness about the “Do Not Flush” symbol found on wipes packaging, the alliance seeks to change consumer behavior for the better. The inclusion of Promescent into the alliance’s fold is expected to amplify these efforts, given the company’s reach and influence in the sexual wellness sector.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Las Vegas, Promescent has established a strong presence in the industry with its portfolio of science-backed products designed to enhance sexual health and wellness. Catering to over 500,000 customers, the company’s Promescent Delay Wipes and other offerings have made it a trusted name in addressing intimate health concerns. By joining the RFA, Promescent reinforces its commitment to not only the wellness of its customers but also the health of the environment.

This collaboration comes in the wake of California’s Wet Wipes Labeling Law enacted in July 2022, which mandates the display of a clear “Do Not Flush” symbol on packaging for all non-flushable wipes. This law, the first of its kind, underscores the urgent need for consumer education on this topic and sets a precedent for other regions to follow.

Non-flushable wipes, including baby wipes, household cleaning wipes, and cosmetic wipes, contribute significantly to blockages and damage in sewage systems, leading to costly repairs and environmental harm. With 90% of wipes sold in the U.S. being non-flushable, the “Do Not Flush” symbol serves as a crucial indicator for proper disposal, aiming to mitigate the risks associated with flushing these products.

The RFA’s #FlushSmart campaign seeks to further enhance consumer awareness and promote responsible flushing habits. By expanding its coalition to include companies like Promescent, the RFA hopes to widen its reach and influence across various industries. The alliance encourages companies within the nonwovens industry, wastewater sector, and nonprofit organizations focused on water quality and sanitation to join the campaign and contribute to the collective effort to preserve the integrity of sewage systems.

This partnership between the RFA and Promescent underscores the collective responsibility of companies, consumers, and regulatory bodies to safeguard environmental health and prevent the avoidable strain on sewage infrastructures. As more organizations align their efforts with this cause, the path towards achieving responsible flushing habits becomes increasingly attainable, signaling a positive shift in consumer behavior and environmental stewardship.