RPP Containers®, a prominent player in the bulk container industry, has unveiled an innovative addition to their DuraGreen® line of products—the new 45″ x 48″ x 50″ Collapsible Hopper Bottom Containers. These containers represent a leap forward in the handling and transportation of both small and large granular materials.

Hailing from Cincinnati, RPP Containers has long been associated with its robust array of durable and sustainable bulk handling products. The new containers are distinguished by their collapsible hopper bottoms, tailored specifically to certain granular types: a beige hopper designed for small granular products, and a green hopper suited for larger granular items exceeding 3/8″ in diameter.

Addressing the industry’s growing needs for efficient and environmentally responsible solutions, the new collapsible containers build upon technical enhancements. They boast a taller base, eliminating the need for collars found in older models. This new design contributes significantly to a more rigid bin construction, improving the overall functionality and durability of the containers.

Dan Jakubiak, General Manager at RPP Containers, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, noting that “The next generation of these collapsible hopper bottom containers reflects our ongoing effort to enhance product performance and environmental sustainability.”

The distinction between the two models allows for versatility depending on usage needs. The traditional beige containers come equipped with covered banding slots, ideal for securing smaller granular products securely. In contrast, the economically priced green model is designed with open banding slots specifically for larger products, optimizing material handling and transportation efficiency.

This release marks another strategic product enhancement by RPP Containers, who focus on offering premium, refurbished, and custom bulk container solutions through its well-known brands: DuraGreen®, RefurBest®, and CustomBulk®. Its comprehensive service offerings include sales, custom manufacturing, and the recycling of reusable plastic bulk containers, providing a full-service approach to the bulk container market.

RPP Containers’ initiative with these new collapsible hopper bottom containers underlines the company’s pledge not only to quality and client satisfaction but also to fostering environmental stewardship in the supply chain logistics and materials handling arena. For companies invested in sustainability and efficiency, particularly in industries like agriculture, chemicals, and manufacturing where granular materials play a pivotal role, the new DuraGreen® containers likely represent a valuable advancement.

Companies interested in these innovative bulk handling solutions can find more information by contacting RPP Containers directly through their website or customer service hotline. With these developments, RPP continues to solidify its position as a leader in the bulk container market, offering products that marry functionality with environmental consciousness.