In an era dominated by frequent and increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, the importance of robust data security has never been more evident. In this challenging environment, Rubrik, a leading Zero Trust Data Security™ Company, is set to bring its expertise to the forefront at the upcoming 2024 RSA Conference (RSAC) in San Francisco, scheduled for May 6-9.

At RSAC 2024, Rubrik will not only have a significant exhibition presence but will also contribute to the conference’s discourse with two key sessions that delve into urgent cybersecurity issues. These discussions will feature some of the most respected voices in the field, highlighting the nuanced impacts of cyberattacks and exploring strategies to bolster data defensibility.

The Human Impact of Cyberattacks

With cyber threats evolving at an alarming rate, companies are compelled to continuously reassess their security frameworks. Rubrik’s CEO, Bipul Sinha, alongside Chris Krebs, former CISA Director and current Chief Intelligence and Public Policy Officer at SentinelOne, will be engaged in a pivotal panel moderated by Nicole Perlroth, a cybersecurity journalist and author. This session, titled “The Human Impact of Cyberattacks: Reframing the Defender Role”, scheduled for May 7, aims to shift perspectives on cyberattack responsibilities and address the psychological burden shouldered by security teams.

This dialogue is particularly crucial as it sheds light on the emotional and mental strain on individuals at the cybersecurity frontlines, who grapple not only with the technicalities of preventing breaches but also with the consequential stresses when cyber defenses are penetrated.

Ensuring Data Defensibility in an Era of Inevitable Breaches

On May 8, Rubrik will further contribute to the conference with a session on data defensibility, led by Steven Stone, the head of Rubrik Zero Labs, and Martin Walter, Vice President of Product Management at Rubrik. This session will address proactive strategies for bolstering cybersecurity defenses, emphasizing the importance of resilience in the face of inevitable cyber breaches. The focus will be on learning from past breaches to build robust mechanisms that ensure quick recovery and minimal disruption, which is crucial for maintaining business continuity in the wake of cyber incidents.

Interactive Opportunities and Engagements

Rubrik’s involvement at RSAC 2024 isn’t limited to speaker sessions. The company is creating interactive opportunities for attendees to engage directly with cybersecurity experts at their exhibition booths. The DSPM Everywhere Speakeasy and the main Rubrik booth will offer hands-on experiences and insights into advanced data security practices and innovations.

Moreover, Rubrik is set to host a networking event at SPIN San Francisco, providing a relaxed environment for further professional exchange and discourse among cybersecurity peers and enthusiasts in attendance.

Broader Implications for Cybersecurity Discourse

The participation of Rubrik in RSAC 2024 underscores the growing necessity for comprehensive and advanced data security strategies that encompass not only technological solutions but also the human elements of cyber defense strategies. The discussions spearheaded by Rubrik’s leaders at this conference are poised to influence the future frameworks of cybersecurity, emphasizing resilience, rapid recovery, and the well-being of the cybersecurity workforce.

As the digital landscape continues to grow in complexity, the insights shared at events like RSAC 2024 are vital for keeping pace with adversaries and protecting the integrity and security of global data infrastructures.