In an encouraging advancement in the medical industry, San Antonio-based bioAffinity Technologies has reported a significant 21% increase in sales for April over the previous month for its groundbreaking product, CyPath® Lung. This non-invasive diagnostic test, pivotal in the early detection of lung cancer, is expanding its reach beyond Texas, with physicians in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and North Carolina beginning to use the test for their patients with pulmonary nodules.

CyPath® Lung, developed by bioAffinity Technologies, operates under the company’s Precision Pathology Laboratory Services. This service exemplifies the company’s innovative approach to healthcare, focusing on early and accurate disease detection which is crucial for effective treatment outcomes. As lung cancer remains a major health challenge globally, early detection significantly boosts survival rates, emphasizing the importance of technologies such as CyPath® Lung.

Further bolstering its team, bioAffinity Technologies announced the addition of two key personnel geared towards enhancing the sales and patient support for CyPath® Lung. Jackie Kennedy has joined as the new Pulmonary Sales Executive for the San Antonio/Austin market. Kennedy brings with her extensive experience in healthcare sales from her previous roles at notable healthcare organizations such as Pulmonx Corporation, Philips Healthcare, Baxter Healthcare, and Evologics America. Her prowess in building customer relations and her track record of exceeded sales targets stand to fortify bioAffinity’s market presence and outreach initiatives.

The company also welcomed Jessica Alarcon as a new Patient Coach, a role that adds a personalized touch to patient care by assisting them in the sample collection process for the test. This support is crucial as it directly impacts the accuracy and effectiveness of the testing procedure. Alarcon’s appointment underscores the company’s commitment to patient-centered care, highlighting the importance of empathy and detailed guidance in medical diagnostics.

In a stride towards further establishing its scientific credibility and sharing innovative findings, bioAffinity Technologies will participate in the prestigious 2024 American Thoracic Society (ATS) International Conference in San Diego. Dr. Lydia Bederka, bioAffinity Staff Scientist, will present her research comparing sputum and Bronchoalveolar Lavage (BAL) fluid on a Flow Cytometric platform. This research could provide insights into improving diagnostic methods for lung cancer, reaffirming the company’s role at the forefront of oncological research.

Such developments are critical as the company progresses and aims to enhance the adoption of their diagnostic tests across various states, potentially revolutionizing the way lung cancer is detected and managed at its nascent stage. These efforts by bioAffinity Technologies not only resonate with the medical community but also with potential investors and stakeholders, fostering an ecosystem of innovation and care essential for tackling one of the leading causes of cancer deaths worldwide.