In a strategic move to bolster its cybersecurity protocols and expand its pioneering software platform, SandboxAQ has welcomed Chris Bates as its new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). This appointment marks a significant development for the Palo Alto-based enterprise software company that is known for its cutting-edge solutions at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum (AQ) technology.

Chris Bates, a veteran in the cybersecurity arena, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to SandboxAQ, having previously held the role of Chief Trust and Security Officer at SentinelOne. During his tenure at SentinelOne, Bates was instrumental in leading the company through its landmark IPO in 2021 – the largest cybersecurity IPO until that date. This reflects his adeptness not only in cybersecurity but also in scaling company operations, crucial as SandboxAQ continues its rapid growth trajectory.

At SandboxAQ, Bates will be tasked with the overarching responsibility of safeguarding the company’s data, communications, and intellectual property. Moreover, his profound background in sales, product development, and go-to-market strategies will be invaluable in advancing SandboxAQ’s AQtive Guard cryptography management platform. This platform is designed to redefine how enterprises, especially large financial institutions, protect themselves against the increasingly sophisticated, AI-driven threats prevalent in today’s digital landscape.

Jack D. Hidary, CEO of SandboxAQ, expressed his optimism about Bates joining the team, highlighting his unique array of skills spanning governance, operations, engineering, and product development. Marc Manzano, General Manager of SandboxAQ’s Cybersecurity Group, also emphasized Bates’ deep understanding of the security challenges that global corporations and government entities face. This insight is expected to be pivotal in enhancing the capabilities of AQtive Guard, thereby improving the cybersecurity posture of their global clientele through robust cryptography management and Zero Trust initiatives.

Before his influential role at SentinelOne, Bates’ diversified career saw him in pivotal technical leadership positions across several esteemed organizations including Nike, Fidelis Cybersecurity (a General Dynamics company), NuScale Power, and ACS (now a part of Xerox). He also contributed his expertise to RSA (EMC) through consulting. Bates’ early career contributions included assisting in the development of some of the first Internet Service Providers in central Oregon since 1996, a testament to his deep-rooted experience in the tech industry.

Chris Bates serves on the advisory boards of several tech ventures, including strongDM and YL Ventures, further solidifying his role as a thought leader in the cybersecurity field. His appointment is not just a gain for SandboxAQ but signifies a strategic positioning for the company as it aims to pioneer solutions at the critical junction of AI and Quantum technologies.

Founded with its origins in Alphabet Inc., and officially spun out as an independent entity with substantial growth backing in 2022, SandboxAQ has positioned itself as a leader in leveraging AI and Quantum technologies to tackle some of the most pressing global challenges. The firm enjoys the backing of prominent investors such as T. Rowe Price, Eric Schmidt (who serves as chairman), Breyer Capital, and Guggenheim Partners among others.

Chris Bates joining SandboxAQ underscores the company’s commitment to fusing technological innovation with robust security measures, aiming to cater to the evolving needs of its high-profile clientele which includes globally recognized banks and government agencies. This strategic appointment is poised to enhance SandboxAQ’s industry standing, ensuring they remain at the forefront of technological advancements while securing the digital infrastructures of the world’s leading institutions.