Sigma Lithium, a premier global lithium producer, has embarked on an ambitious project aimed at significantly increasing its Quintuple Zero Green Lithium production capacity. With plans to augment the current output from 270,000 tonnes per year (t/y) to a staggering 520,000 t/y, the company has solidified its status as a leading figure in the lithium production industry dedicated to powering the next generation of electric vehicles (EVs).

On April 1, 2024, Sigma Lithium disclosed its decision to commence the construction of a second line at its Greentech Industrial Plant, known as the Phase 2 Industrial Greentech Plant. This strategic move, backed by a capital expenditure (Capex) of $100 million, is anticipated to upscale the company’s total annual lithium capacity by an additional 250,000 tonnes of its unique Green Lithium variant.

This decision comes on the heels of an already transformative year for Sigma Lithium, which saw the company evolve from a construction site into the world’s sixth-largest integrated producer of lithium concentrate. With the completion of its ramp-up cycle to design capacity in the fourth quarter, Sigma Lithium not only marked a successful end to its first operational year but also generated substantial revenue and established itself as a low-cost producer with significant financial margins.

The investment into the Phase 2 Industrial Plant reinforces Sigma Lithium’s commitment to environmentally sustainable lithium production. The company’s operational model emphasizes carbon neutrality and responsible sourcing, adhering to stringent environmental standards that resonate with the growing global demand for green energy solutions.

The significance of this expansion cannot be overstated. With a total production capacity reaching 520,000 tonnes by 2025, Sigma Lithium is poised to play a crucial role in meeting the increasing demand for lithium, essential for powering approximately 1.8 million electric vehicles.

This remarkable journey of strategic expansion and environmental stewardship exemplifies the promising future of lithium production. Sigma Lithium’s forward-looking approach and innovative practices set a new benchmark in the industry, promising not only to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles but also to champion the cause of sustainable mining practices.

Sigma Lithium’s venture into Phase 2 of its expansion plans highlights the broader narrative of innovation and sustainability within the lithium production sector. As the world gravitates towards greener alternatives and electric vehicles, companies like Sigma Lithium are at the forefront, driving change and contributing to a more sustainable future. With diligent planning and significant investment in green technology, Sigma Lithium is well on its way to becoming a pivotal player in the global push for cleaner energy sources.