In an innovative stride toward upgrading home energy systems, SPAN, a leading developer of smart electrical panels, has announced a strategic partnership with Jabil, a worldwide manufacturing services company. This collaboration aims to enhance the production capabilities of SPAN and broaden the availability of their advanced home energy management technology to more homeowners across the globe.

SPAN’s electrical panels are at the forefront of energy management innovation. These panels allow homeowners to control each power circuit in their homes through a single, user-friendly app which also provides valuable insights into energy consumption, helping to save money and increase efficiency. The need for such advanced systems is becoming critical as more individuals lean towards smart home technologies and seek greater control over their energy usage.

Jabil, known for its global footprint with over 100 manufacturing sites in more than 25 countries, brings substantial expertise in supply chain logistics, manufacturing automation, and product design to this partnership. Their extensive experience in producing technologically complex and innovative products, including electric vehicle charging solutions and power electronics, makes them a fitting partner for SPAN in its quest to transform electrical infrastructure in homes.

The collaboration between these two entities comes at a crucial time. As the demand for smart home technology surges, and as more homeowners become aware of the benefits of energy management, there is a pressing need to build infrastructure that can support this high demand. Jabil’s robust manufacturing and supply chain capabilities are set to propel SPAN’s business, allowing it to meet its ambitious goal of electrifying 10 million U.S. homes by 2030.

According to Hunter Lankford, Sr. Director of Business Development at Jabil, this collaboration celebrates SPAN’s innovative vision for the electrical panel. It also underpins an essential transition toward more sustainable and intelligent energy solutions in residential settings. SPAN’s CEO, Arch Rao, emphasized the competitive nature of the sustainable energy industry and noted that effective collaborations are vital for emerging companies that aspire to lead in this rapidly evolving space.

In addition to this partnership, SPAN has also expanded its outreach by working closely with utility equipment providers and new home construction industries. This expanded network is crucial for integrating SPAN’s systems into a broader range of homes, enhancing their accessibility and impact. The company has already equipped homes in all 50 states and Puerto Rico with its smart electrical panels, and its commitment to updates and improvements continues to enhance its product offerings.

As we move forward into an era where home energy management becomes increasingly essential, partnerships like that of SPAN and Jabil are pivotal. They not only promote the integration of sustainable technologies at a larger scale but also ensure that the benefits of such advancements can reach an extensive array of consumers, paving the way for a smarter, energy-efficient future. This strategic move holds promise for a transformative shift in how energy is managed in homes across America, aligning seamlessly with global efforts to embrace more eco-friendly and efficient energy solutions.