KIRKLAND, Wash. — In a significant move aimed at enhancing cybersecurity and endpoint management capabilities across diverse industries, Tanium, a leader in Converged Endpoint Management (XEM), announced its new Partner Services Verification Program. This program is designed to bolster integrated solutions in collaboration with key technology partners such as Microsoft and ServiceNow, Inc.

Tanium’s initiative focuses on recognizing and rewarding partner organizations that have developed the skills and infrastructure necessary to deliver joint solution offerings effectively. The launch of this program underscores Tanium’s commitment to scaling its market offerings through strategic partnerships, thereby optimizing customer investments in technology.

Among the first to be recognized in this new scheme are notable industry players like Avanade, Ernst & Young, Plat4mation, and WWT. These companies have completed the requisite training and verification process, equipping them to offer both one-time and recurring services integrated with Tanium’s solutions.

The importance of this program is manifold. For customers, it promises aligned services with top-tier Tanium service providers, assuring comprehensive training and robust inspection of the solutions offered. For partners, it facilitates joint services promotion and provides a clear maturation roadmap, helping them to enhance and streamline their service delivery.

For instance, Plat4mation leverages this partnership to integrate ServiceNow’s workflows and orchestration comprehensively, enhancing IT efficiency, compliance, and risk remediation through Tanium’s real-time visibility and control capabilities. Similarly, Avanade utilizes its expertise in deploying Microsoft Security solutions, complemented by Tanium’s endpoint visibility, to offer enhanced real-time management and integration within the technology ecosystem.

Jordan Hildebrand from WWT highlighted the practical benefits of the program, noting that Tanium’s capabilities in providing actionable real-time data and reporting are vital for maximizing investments in platforms like ServiceNow. This not only aids in reducing operational complexities and costs but also enhances overall security posture.

This strategic initiative by Tanium showcases its role as a pivotal player in the cybersecurity and endpoint management space, where real-time data and effective collaboration across technological platforms are key to robust IT security and management. As cyber threats evolve and IT landscapes become more complex, the effective management of endpoints through integrated solutions such as those fostered by Tanium’s new program becomes increasingly critical.

Organizations interested in becoming part of this ecosystem or learning more about the Partner Services Verification Program can access further information through Tanium’s dedicated partner portal.

This international effort by Tanium not only reflects its global leadership in endpoint security but also its commitment to enhancing the operational capabilities of its partners and clients worldwide, ensuring that they are well-equipped to handle the dynamic challenges of modern IT environments.