In a much-anticipated announcement that has the automotive world buzzing, the inaugural Aurora Scandinavian Concours is set to take place from July 5th to 7th, 2024, in Båstad, Sweden. This landmark event promises to bring together a stellar array of classic icons, hypercars, and futuristic innovations against the picturesque backdrop of Sweden’s idyllic botanical gardens. The Aurora is on course to spotlight Scandinavia’s rich automotive culture and heritage, showcasing it on an international scale.

Organized in partnership with premium automotive brands BMW and Koenigsegg, along with MOTIKON, a significant player in the classic car scene, The Aurora aims to merge automotive history with modern marvels. The gathering is not just an exhibition; it is framed as a lifestyle event that encapsulates entertainment spanning both day and night. According to Filip Larsson of MOTIKON, the event is poised to uncover the “vast collection of hidden automotive treasures” from Scandinavia, offering them the limelight they richly deserve.

The event organizers have arranged a dynamic schedule that ensures each day of the concours will spotlight different automotive epochs. From the most coveted classic cars of yesteryears to the future classics of the modern era, The Aurora promises a unique blend of automotive excellence. The Aurora Showfield and Aurora Concours are designed to appreciate the historical significance of classic and vintage cars, while the Aurora Hypercar and Aurora Talks are set to delve into the future of automotive technology and innovation.

Highlighting its diverse appeal, The Aurora has outlined various competition categories ranging from historical milestones such as “A Drive Down Memory Lane” and marquees celebrating anniversaries like “Buon Compleanno, Maserati” to more thematic classes including “Scandinavian Sensibilities” and “Pushing the Limits” that focus on hypercars of all eras. This wide array of classifications underscores the event’s commitment to celebrating automotive culture in all its forms.

Among the event’s must-see attractions is the Aurora Hypercar Experience, presented in association with Koenigsegg. This invitational promises attendees an exclusive peek into the Swedish megacar manufacturer’s world, marking its 30th anniversary by showcasing the largest collection of Koenigsegg cars ever available to the public eye. Attendees will not only get to exhibit their high-performance vehicles but will also have a rare opportunity to meet Koenigsegg’s founder and CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg, and test their cars on his private test track.

The Aurora is about more than just looking back at the golden age of motoring; it’s also keenly focused on the future. The event will shed light on critical topics such as the electrification of classic cars, the advent of e-fuels and alternative propulsion methods, and the implications of new automotive technologies on the future of motoring.

Set against the charming landscape of Båstad, often referred to as the Swedish Riviera, The Aurora is strategically located to draw in an international crowd, thanks to its proximity to major transportation hubs and its reputation as a hub of Scandinavian social life during the summer months.

With tickets now available for purchase, The Aurora Scandinavian Concours is gearing up to be an unforgettable weekend of car culture, promising to be a jubilant celebration of the past, present, and future of the automotive world. For those passionate about cars, whether they are vintage aficionados, hypercar enthusiasts, or futurists curious about the direction of automotive innovation, The Aurora presents a unique platform to indulge in their passion amidst like-minded individuals.