In an innovative approach to training and team building, the Throw Away Dogs Project, known for transforming rescued dogs into skilled police K-9s, will be hosting its annual K-9 Law & Order Seminar at a new and thrilling venue—Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park in Sun Outdoors Frontier Town, near Ocean City, Maryland.

This year’s seminar, happening on April 20th, takes an adventurous turn as dog handlers and their K-9 partners are challenged to ascend a 45-foot tower and zip down a 300-foot zipline. This high-flying exercise is designed to strengthen the bonds of trust and improve communication between the dogs and their handlers, critical components in law enforcement settings.

The Throw Away Dogs Project operates with a noble mission: rescue dogs that are often overlooked and deemed unsuitable for adoption, and train them for roles in law enforcement. This not only gives the dogs a second chance at life but also provides valuable resources to police departments that might otherwise be unable to afford such skilled animals. The operations and training programs are funded through donations which cater to costs associated with vet care, housing, and training of the dogs.

Partnering with Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park, a leading outdoor adventure experience provider in the U.S., adds an exciting and beneficial layer to the training program. Go Ape features 16 locations across the country, each designed to offer memorable adventures that stimulate both physical and emotional growth. The new location within Sun Outdoors Frontier Town boasts courses that promote challenge, teamwork, and resilience—qualities essential for both handlers and their K-9 companions in the line of duty.

Carol Skaziak, CEO and Founder of the Throw Away Dogs Project, emphasizes that the seminar is about “pushing boundaries and building the strongest possible bond between K-9 and handler.” She acknowledges the unique setup at Go Ape as an opportunity to enhance these connections in a pressurized environment that mimics the unpredictability of real-life police scenarios.

Dan Kasabian, CEO of Go Ape, echoes this sentiment, recognizing the immense contributions of K-9 teams in maintaining community safety and expressing pride in facilitating a training component that deepens the trust and efficiency between the dogs and their handlers.

The annual K-9 Law & Order Seminar by the Throw Away Dogs Project highlights a remarkable synergy between animal rescue and law enforcement, illustrating an innovative approach to training that goes beyond traditional methods. While this year’s event is not open to public spectators, the awareness it raises for the incredible transformations these rescued dogs undergo underscores a formidable blend of compassion and public service. This initiative not only rehabilitates lives but effectively aids in safeguarding communities, proving that even those with “throwaway” beginnings can rise to become indispensable societal assets.