In a significant development in the healthcare industry, Trella Health, a prominent provider of market intelligence and CRM solutions, has broadened its dataset to include vital information on Assisted Living (ALF) and Long-Term Care Facilities. This expansion, announced on April 10, 2024, is set to revolutionize the way post-acute care organizations approach market analysis, partnership building, and patient care services.

By incorporating these new datasets into its Marketscape Insights platform, Trella Health enables its users, which mainly include Home Health, Hospice, and Skilled Nursing Facility providers, to tap into detailed insights about ALFs and Long-Term Care Facilities within their operational regions. Users can now access enhanced information including service availability—like memory or hospice care—and specifics such as licensed bed capacity and vital contact details.

This integration addresses a critical industry gap. Before this development, many healthcare providers faced challenges in effectively identifying and collaborating with assisted living and long-term care facilities. By offering a more granular view of the potential partnership landscapes, Trella Health’s updated platform aids these organizations in significantly improving their strategic outreach and alignment efforts.

Scott Tapp, CEO of Trella Health, underscored the impact of this addition on healthcare providers’ capabilities to fine-tune their sales strategies and form more meaningful partnerships, ultimately aiming to enhance patient care standards. As healthcare continues to shift towards more integrated and patient-centric models, such tools are becoming indispensable for ensuring coordinated care and operational efficiency.

Highlighting the practical benefits of this updated platform, Hollie Trogdon, Senior Vice President of Community Services at PruittHealth, noted that the integration of ALF data empowers her organization to target high-value care facilities more effectively. This ability to quickly pinpoint facilities that align with specific criteria not only streamlines outreach efforts but also fosters partnerships that are beneficial to all parties involved, including the patient community.

Looking ahead, Trella Health plans to introduce further enhancements to its platform, which will continue to improve how healthcare providers identify and collaborate with potential referral partners. Such advancements are likely to enrich the landscape of value-based care and optimize market strategies across the post-acute care spectrum.

Trella Health’s commitment to enhancing healthcare practices through precise data and actionable insights establishes it as a key player in healthcare market intelligence, CRM solutions, and performance management for different healthcare services. The company’s unfolding strategy not only aims to address immediate market needs but also anticipates future industry trends, positioning it as an essential partner in the growth and advancement of healthcare providers nationwide.